QUEENSRYCHE – The Warning [Japanese SHM-CD Remastered +3] *HQ*

QUEENSRYCHE - The Warning [SHM-CD Remastered +3] full

As requested, here’s some QUEENSRYCHE albums released in Japan pressed on high quality SHM-CD as part of a remastered reissue campaign from various ’80s Rock artists. The Warning was Queensryche first full length LP, a recording that still stands the test of time.
All of you already have – in one way or another – Queensryche’s milestones Operation:Mindcrime and Empire. But the band’s full length debut “The Warning” is a fantastic record too, perhaps eclipsed by the aforementioned platinum-sellers and not properly listened by many.
Yes, on “The Warning” Queensryche was looking for their distinctive sound and still it’s influenced by classic metal acts, but it’s a killer record on its own right. However, you can hear Queensryche unique touch on every song here.

It’s a pretty heavy album, but chock full of enticing melodies and subtle passages. Here, the only real blistering riff you’re going to find is on “NM 156,” which is a metallic, blues driven run that explodes into a gallop after the first verse.
But even the harder numbers like “Child of Fire,” “Before the Storm” and “En Force” have a strong emotional drive to them, due to the minor chords and Geoff Tate’s incredible expressive wail. Tate never hit the notes like he did on here again!

Whether its a battle cry or the melancholy lines in “Roads of Madness,” Tate pulls it off impeccable flawlessly, and his phrasing is unique to say the least.
Scott Rockenfield’s drumming is all over the place delivering a terrific technique, Eddie Jackson really sounds like Steve Harris on here, and he’s brought out in the mix. Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton guitar work is sharp yet clean, with riff and solos plenty of room to breathe, all benefited by James Guthrie / Neil Kernon awesome production / engineering.

The balladesque “No Sanctuary” and the anthemic “Take Hold of the Flame” really benefit from this, making the melodies instantly memorable. While there is no real flashy shredding, as on Mindcrime, the solos are standouts: you’ll remember them as much as the choruses.

QUEENSRYCHE - The Warning [SHM-CD Remastered +3] inside

Queensryche were known for their incredible versatility, not repeating themselves, and they certainly never came out with an album like “The Warning” again, as they developed their own syle. For what it is, “The Warning” is nothing short of a fantastic album.
This Japanese release rocks with a punchy pristine sound, plus 3 bonus tracks, unfortunately, out of print now.
Highly Recommended


SHM-CD 仕様/ジュエルケース/解説・歌詞・対訳付】

01 – Warning
02 – En Force
03 – Deliverance
04 – No Sanctuary
05 – N M 156
06 – Take Hold Of The Flame
07 – Before The Storm
08 – Child Of Fire
09 – Roads To Madness
10 – Prophecy
11 – The Lady Wore Black (Live)
12 – Take Hold Of The Flame (Live)

Geoff Tate – lead vocals
Chris DeGarmo – guitars, background vocals
Michael Wilton – guitars, background vocals
Eddie Jackson – bass, background vocals
Scott Rockenfield – drums
Michael Kamen – orchestral arrangement


Out Of Print

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