BLACKTOP MOJO – Pollen (2024) *HQ*

BLACKTOP MOJO - Pollen (2024) *HQ* - full

As requested, here’s the new album from Texan rockers BLACKTOP MOJO, titled ”Pollen“. They’ve been described as a mixture of Soundgarden and Lynyrd Skynyrd, but the band, while modern, incorporates much more into their sound over the years. After listening ”Pollen”, we can say that BLACKTOP MOJO musically has evolved a lot
There’s a retro ’70s feel on some songs, others are bluesy classic American, even there’s Hammond organ enriching the sound. While definitely modern sounding, BLACKTOP MOJO is a pretty interesting band right now.
Each track seems to have a different influence and captures essences of great bands (from both the past and present) within the rock world. ”Red Enough” is the song that perhaps contains the band’s more personal sound, then ”I Can’t Tell” has a late-90s and early-00s pop-rock feel. It’s got more clean electric guitars compared to the other tracks.

“Weary I Roam” is more upbeat and bound to bring ladies onto the dance floor. “I Can’t Tell” gives grunge a Lone Star State makeover and in doing so, is one of the catchiest tracks on Pollen. “Please Don’t Call” has all the earmarks of a great Alice In Chains song, whereas “Red Enough” is built upon endearing Southern twang that soars sky-high.

“Rise” is soulful and gritty, complete with great guitar work. Turn the volume up for “As The Light Fades” – a feelgood radio rock hit in the vein of Bob Seger, including Hammond and female backing vocals. Unexpected and absolutely beautiful, “Something’s Changed” channels the spirit of gospel / R&B great Etta James. “Shoulda Just Gone To Sleep” is pretty close to country music, yet it works incredibly well.

There are very few bands capable of successfully combining such diverse influences on one album; Blacktop Mojo are talented, terrific songwriters. ”Pollen” is an album high on quality and melody combining the old and new like few. If ever a band had a breakout album this is it.
Highly Recommended


01 – The End Is Gonna Come
02 – Weary I Roam
03 – I Can’t Tell
04 – Please Don’t Call
05 – Red Enough
06 – Rise
07 – As The Light Fades
08 – Something’s Changed
09 – Shoulda Just Gone To Sleep
10 – Born To Lose
11 – Like Wild Horses

Matt James – lead vocals
Nathan Gillis – drums
Matt Curtis – bass, backing vocals
Malcolm Booher – guitar, backing vocals
Ryan Kiefer – guitar



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