MARGARET BECKER (feat Dann Huff) – Never For Nothing [no UPC repress / better sound] *HQ* Rare

MARGARET BECKER (feat Dann Huff) - Never For Nothing [no UPC repress / better sound] *HQ* - full

As requested, here’s one of the best female AOR / Lite AOR albums from the second half of the ’80s: MARGARET BECKER debut LP ”Never For Nothing”. Originally released 1987, the CD version of ”Never For Nothing” sound is a bit flat. This is the 1993 re-pressing of the disc, no UPC / Barcode present but an official release which sounds fuller, much better transferred to digital.
Musically, Margaret Becker’s debut album ”Never For Nothing” is a good example of late-’80s arena rock and pop/rock — the melodies aren’t unlike something one might have expected from Heart, Pat Benatar, or Vixen back then – just more polished, less rocking yet equally impressive.
Half of future GIANT band – great guitarist Dann Huff and bass player Mike Brignardello – play on all tracks, and the result is of outstanding quality. Add to that Billy Smiley clinical production (he already produced Huff’s band at the time, White Heart), and Becker’s smooth, capable vocals, and you have a brilliant Eighties product.

While Margaret Becker came from a Christian rock&pop background and lyrically some songs possess that perspective, if you don’t know that, you have assumed this is secular music. For the most part, Becker doesn’t come across as militant or preachy.
Tracks like “Break the Silence”, “Make It Right”, “Standing On Top Of The World”, “Giants Will Fall” are really good numbers, showcasing Becker’s versatility and Huff’s killer rhythm guitar and solos.

MARGARET BECKER (feat Dann Huff) - Never For Nothing [no UPC repress / better sound] back cover

”Never For Nothing” is a must for ’80s music fans, female lead Lite AOR, Huff’s guitar playing, and everyone with a taste for slick 1980s arena rock.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Fight For God
02 – Standing On Top Of The World
03 – Never For Nothing
04 – Break The Silence
05 – Sacred Fire
06 – Love Was Waiting
07 – What You Feel
08 – Make It Right
09 – Giants Will Fall
10 – For The Love Of You

Lead and Backing Vocals – Margaret Becker
Lead Guitar – Dann Huff
Rhythm Guitars – Dann Huff, George Cocchini
Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals – Chris Rodriguez
Bass – Mike Brignardello
Drums – Chris McHugh
Keyboards – Tommy Dorsey, John Slick
Backing Vocals – Dave Mullins, Tommy Sims, Marty McCall, Missey Baker

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  1. Scupp says:

    Nice one mate. Dann Huff is my favourite guitarist by far. He also plays superb rhythm & lead on much of Michael Boltons The One Thing album as well. I know he was a session journeyman but he really shawn through on that release and wasn’t just slipped lower into the mix or used for shortened solos.

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