GUN – Gallus [1992] *HQ*

GUN - Gallus [1992] *HQ* - full

It’s 1992 and the only terms on Rock people’s lips are Metallica, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Grunge, Seattle, Vince Neil leaving/fired from Motley Crue and Mr Big.
And then you have this rock band from Scotland called GUN releasing a straight-ahead hard rock album that had more roots in the Seventies era than the dying Eighties era. Other acts from the late Eighties that released an album or two, either called it a day or tweaked their sound to be more “grunge-like”. Not GUN.
With an album cover featuring, Benny Lynch, who was Scotland’s first boxing World Champion and who also remained undefeated throughout his career, “Gallus” was a defiant record. Serving as Gun’s second album, they let the music do the talking. The lyrical themes didn’t stray too much from the debut and like its predecessor, it is loaded with a shitload of attitude and energy. By not adopting certain American Glam looks, instead focusing on a general functional casual dress sense, also helped the band survive the big cull.
When the Rock’N’Roll history is written by the Whiggish winners, Gun will be relegated to a mere footnote. But their presence at a time when everyone was selling out to become mainstream darlings was a welcomed relief.

Opener “Steal Your Fire” got this AC/DC meets The Cult attitude in the verse and chorus, while the Pre-Chorus has this INXS vibe. It’s a blend of rock’n’roll that is so distant from the LA Glam Rock scene however I love that Dokken “It’s Not Love” vibe after the solo section.
There’s a certain “When The Levee Breaks” groove in “Money To Burn”. Progress is derivative is the catch cry. “Some people lie for it, some people die for it, Some people risk their lives and do time for it”… the real message coming out in 1991 and 1992 was the same. Skid Row said that we can’t be kings of the world if we are slaves to the grind. And why are we slaves to the grind. Because we were led to believe that we need money.

On “Long Road” the tone of the vocals just resonate, and the music is very melodic, with some modern Def Leppard on it. “Welcome to the Real World” ia one of the best cuts. Jools Gizzi flat lays out some fantastic solos on this album that will blow you out of your shoes, especially on this track.
We love the lilting balladry of “Watching the World Go By”. Think 90s attitude with a 70s classic rock pedigree and you’re on the right track.

“Gallus” was probably the purest Gun; fully in stride and undiluted. If you take your rock n’ roll straight, try a shot.
Highly Recommended


01 – Steal Your Fire
02 – Money To Burn
03 – Long Road
04 – Welcome To The Real World
05 – Higher Ground
06 – Borrowed Time
07 – Freedom
08 – Won’t Back Down
09 – Reach Out For Love
10 – Watching The World Go By

Mark Rankin – lead vocals
Giuliano Gizzi – guitar
Dante Gizzi – bass, vocals
Scott Shields – drums
Alex Dickson – guitar



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3 Responses

  1. Scupp says:

    Sorry I might have missed it but is this release remastered?

    • 0dayroxTeam says:

      ‘Gallus’ never has been remastered. But this is the 1994 re-release, sound output is slight highly, + gain.

  2. Scupp says:

    Cheers for the reply and many thanks.

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