IT’sALIE – Emosphere (2022)

IT'sALIE - Emosphere (2022) - full

Managed & co-produced by renowned Mat Sinner, “Emosphere” is the upcoming album from female-fronted hard rockers IT’sALIE. Lead by charismatic Giorgia Colleluori – one of the best new woman in hard rock owner of an extraordinary powerful clean voice – and completed with experienced musicians drummer Camillo Colleluori (ex-Eternal Idol), guitarist Raffaello Indri (Elvenking) and bassist Simon Dredo (Room Experience, Alex De Rosso), IT’sALIE delivers classic bluesy-based hard rock wrapped by a modern vibrant production.
2020 saw the release of the highly acclaimed debut album “Lilith” and Giorgia is quickly regarded as one of the best voices in the scene, aided by her great live presence, which was evident during the Rock Meets Classic tours.
For lovers of the Hard ‘n Heavy genre with aggressive riffs, the atmosphere of “Emosphere” will be even more unique and special. The band has developed its own originality and freshness without losing the classicism of the genre and at the same time supporting Giorgia’s vocal power in the best possible way, which reinvents itself between shadowy harmonies and powerful screams.
You’ll be surprised by “Emosphere”, an album with influences from the 70s / 80s / 90s wonderfully updated 2022.


01 – Breath Of Fire
02 – Unbroken
03 – Beyond Revenge
04 – Moonchild
05 – Light Up
06 – Undeniable
07 – IT’sALIE
08 – Heartbreaker
09 – Siren
10 – Promise
11 – Crowds
12 – Million Years

Giorgia Colleluori (Vocals)
Raffello Indri (Guitars)
Simon Dredo (Bass)
Camillo Colleluori (Drums)


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