CLOUD CIRKUS (Jacob Samuel from The Poodles) – Cloud Cirkus (2022)

CLOUD CIRKUS (Jacob Samuel from The Poodles) - Cloud Cirkus (2022) - full

Former The Poodles frontman Jakob Samuel is back with a new, fresh Swedish band CLOUD CIRKUS and their self-titled debut CD “Cloud Cirkus” released today. With their roots in 70s melodic progressive rock / 80s melodic rock and shaped by their individual backgrounds as artists, musicians, songwriters and producers, Cloud Cirkus’ debut album is a boiling mix of five different personalities.
Hard riffs, catchy melodies, cinematic folk tunes, psychedelic and funky blues can all be found in the expanding universe that is ”Cloud Cirkus”. But at the core, all these songs are melodic hard rockers with a modern Scandinavian melodic hard rock sound & production.
What is really cool about CLOUD CIRKUS is how they blend catchy melodic rock with accessible progressive arrangements and timeless classic rock. Jakob is stupendous all over the album, showcasing a versatility never heard before from the talented singer.


01 – Come on
02 – You of all people
03 – I’m ready
04 – Can’t stop
05 – Moving in circles
06 – Gotta get it right
07 – Like a dream
08 – On my watch

Jakob Samuel – lead vocals
Johan Lyander – keyboards & vocals
Jarmo Lindell – bass & vocals
Mathias Venge – guitar & vocals
Martin Jonsson – drums



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