GABRIELLE de VAL – Kiss In A Dragon Night [ft. Robin McAuley, Terry Brock, Steve Overland] (2023) *HQ*

GABRIELLE de VAL - Kiss In A Dragon Night - full

Kiss In A Dragon Night“, GABRIELLE de VAL first solo album, was conceived when the editor of Fireworks Magazine received the album “Back” from her band THE VAL to write a review for the mag. He shaped the idea to create an album with de Val involving vocalists such as Steve Overland (FM/Lonerider/solo), Mick Devine (The Roads/Seven), Robin McAuley (Black Swan/Michael Schenker Band), Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen) and Terry Brock (Strangeways) as well as musicians such as Gary Pihl (Boston/Sammy Hagar), Eric Ragno (Joe Lynn Turner/Babys), Johan Kullberg (HammerFall) and Fredrik Folkare (Nordic Union/Unleashed).
Shortly before starting to work on this album, Gabrielle appeared on the Escape Music released Circle Of Friends album “The Garden” with the solo track “When He’s Gone”. Then the label agreed to release “Kiss In A Dragon Night”.
For Gabrielle, “Kiss In A Dragon Night” is a mindblowing adventure, with fellow artists who have “given me more than I could have ever imagined and with songs that I have put all my soul and dedication into.”
Already with the suggestive cover of the album, by Gaetano di Falco, a surprising journey begins, with songs by The Val transformed into duets, very powerful original songs by other writers, as well as versions of fascinating tracks such as “Stayin’ Alive” (Magnum) and “Moonlight Shadow” (Mike Oldfield).

Gabrielle de Val has been involved in the rock scene since 1987 when she created the band Yin-Yang, which would later be called D’Val. They never recorded a full album, however, fast forward to 2010 when de Val along with Alfonso Samos, David Erick and Alex Morell reappeared as The Val. They released their debut album ‘Back’, followed by ‘Heading for the Surface’ (2015) and ‘King Ocelot’ (2020).

All of Gabrielle’s vocals for “Kiss In A Dragon Night” have been recorded in Stockholm at Fredrik Folkare’s studio, who has done a great job recording the guitars and bass, and also mixing all the tracks on the album. In Gabrielle’s words: “Working with Fredrik has been awesome and I can’t think of a better place in the world than Stockholm to start a journey like this.”

“Kiss In A Dragon Night” is a full-on slab of high class hard edged melodic rock/metal and a fine showcase for Gabrielle’s talents. Her voice is smooth, powerful, rangy and controlled suiting the songs very well. Musicianship and production is top notch.

As well as the monster hooks and melodies all the way through the guitar solos are superb as are the riffs and the big chords. Top stuff from first note to last. Take on the World is a big, chunky infectious opener. Three and a half minutes of punchy hard melodic rock getting in to your head immediately. Strong chorus, scorching guitar.
When Midnight Comes has Mark Boals sharing the vocals with Gabrielle. Another fine, fine song with the pair of them trading wonderfully with lots more of the luscious guitar work going on too.

Next up is a cover of Mike Oldfield’s Moonlight Shadow. It’s rocked up nicely from the original with Gabrielle putting in a sensitive, flowing vocal doing the cover justice.The always value for money Robin McAuley appears on the title track. A sort of half ballad/half rocker with an atmospheric touch.
Candle in the Window bursts out in to a fine hook-laden melodic rocker after a slowish start and Gabrielle’s vocals shining through. We have another cover in the form of Magnum’s Stayin’ Alive with Terry Brock sharing the vocal.

The next three tracks – Fuel to the Fire, Natural High and Let’s Get Something Started up the ante as a fine trio of pumped up harder edged melodic rockers, particularly Natural High with Steve Overland coming in. For me the highlight of the album.
Hold On brings it to a close with a bit of a slow-burner brooding ballad ending a dozen tracks of supremely well done melodic rock with De Val using the opportunity to show what a great voice she has.

The top class guest vocalists & musicians enhance the quality of “Kiss In A Dragon Night”, however Gabrielle de Val is the absolute star of this album, showcasing she’s one of the best melodic rock female singers out there right now.
Really good female-fronted melodic (hard) rock stuff with strong songwriting and production.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Take On The World
02 – When Midnight Comes (feat. Mark Boals)
03 – Moonlight Shadow
04 – Kiss In A Dragon Night (feat. Robin McAuley)
05 – Pay For The Lonely Nights
06 – Fight For Love (fest. Mick Devine)
07 – Candle In The Window
08 – Stayin’ Alive (feat. Terry Brock)
09 – Fuel To The Fire
10 – Natural High (feat, Steve Overland)
11 – Let’s Get Something Started
12 – Hold On (feat. Mick Devine)

Gabrielle De Val – Vocals


Robin McAuley
Mark Boals
Mick Devine
Terry Brock
Steve Overland

Fredrik Folkare
Steve Morris
Gary Pihl
Keith Atack
Tommy Denander

Eric Ragno
Steve Mann
Nick Foley
Tommy Denander

Fredrik Folkare – Bass
Johan Kullberg – Drums



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