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KING ZEBRA – Survivors (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Founded by Eric St. Michaels (ex- China), Swiss hard rockers KING ZEBRA have been around for almost a decade, releasing some singles, EP’s and touring extensively, and now are ready to release their debut album with Golden Robot / Crusader Records titled ”Survivors”. The band rides the line between modern and traditional old school ’80s hard rock / glam metal with tunes that certainly make them stand out from other rock acts that come from Switzerland.
The album opens with the cleverly titled ‘Under Destruction’, a high octane rocker that’s one of those “dangerous while driving” songs that can make you hit the gas just a little too hard if you’re not careful. The CD then sails into first single ‘She Don’t Like My R’N’R’, with it’s bluesy swagger that’s a different beast altogether from the first track.
From these two songs you can ascertain this is a band that is capable of touching on various genres of hard rock and delivering quite impressive results.
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KING ZEBRA – King Zebra (2019)

Simply titled “King Zebra”, this is the new release by Swiss rockers KING ZEBRA. The band was founded in 2012 with one goal in mind: create infectious ’80s arena-ready classic rock. The group released a couple of albums, but now, after some line up changes, are determined to firmly establish themselves into the melodic hard rock circuit. One of the...

KING ZEBRA – Wild! Wild! Wild! (2015)

KING ZEBRA – Wild! Wild! Wild! (2015)

If you close your eyes and play “Wild! Wild! Wild!” – the new album from Swiss rockers KING ZEBRA to be released tomorrow – you would most likely think that this album was made sometime back in the mid to late ’80s and perhaps it had just been recently re-released since the sound & gain is louder than back in...