MAGNUM – The Visitation (2011)

MAGNUM - The Visitation 2011


Album after album, MAGNUM have just been getting better and better in recent years.

As good as their last outing – 2009’s ‘In The Valley Of The Moonking’ – was, “The Visitation” ups the stakes once more and shows that in their fourth decade the band are still hungry, and still keen to push themselves to deliver truly great material.

Magnum, once again, merges classic Melodic Rock with a touch of progressive into a fine package, always interesting and provocative.

“The Visitation” is a masterful CD with some truly wonderful songs that could go on a ‘Best Of Magnum’ album.

The ten tracks keeps a high standard especially on the mid-tempo ones.

In front of the mix are the powerful vocals of singer Bob Catley, a musician whose charisma and warm tone seem to have only grown and fermented with time.

One of undeniable highlights of the album is the dynamic opener, “Black Skies”, a track that has every great thing about Magnum rolled into one; strong melodies, contrast, and powerful delivery.

On “Doors To Nowhere” the band look back at their own childhood. It would hardly be possible for a track to be more typical of Magnum than this number with its vigorous guitar parts, gritty arrangements and charismatic vocals.

Title track “The Visitation” starts off as a pretty standard melodic rock number, but develops into something very different and interesting a couple of minutes in. The middle section is awesome.

“Wild Angles” demonstrates and displays Magnum’s expertise to craft memorable songs. The chorus is fantastic, commercial and sticky. This is without doubt a future Magnum classic.

“Spin Like a Wheel” echoes classic melodic rock, a mid-paced rocker with both a glorious feel and an one of those unexpected twists that the band excel at. I love this track.

“The Last Frontier” slows down the pace, this is an epic track that develops into an orchestral blow-out. Awesome.

The utterly majestic “Freedom Day” has thought-provoking lyrics about human rights. An increscendo tune featuring another epic chorus.

“Spin Like a Wheel” is classy melodic rock but with diversity and intrigue, again with more than interesting lyrics.

“Midnight Kings” is a typical Magnum track, that remembers the earlier work by this versatile band.

The mid-tempo ballad “Tonight’s The Night” closes the album with enchanting background synths and a well crafted chorus.

“The Visitation” sounds and feels like pure Magnum; classy melodic rock blended with the intrigue of progressive rock.

The trademarks and roots remains the same, they sound like they have always done, but they have never ever repeated themselves.

This new album features 10 classic Magnum songs that will go down like milk and honey among the band’s fans world-wide.

Magnum is doing what they do best, at a very high level and with continuity that leaves nothing to be desired for.

Another stellar album from the British masters.

1. Black Skies

2. Doors To Nowhere

3. The Visitation

4. Wild Angels

5. Spin Like A Wheel

6. The Last Frontier

7. Freedom Day

8. Mother Nature’s Final Dance

9. Midnight Kings

10. Tonight’s The Night

Bob Catley – vocals

Tony Clarkin – guitars

Mark Stanway – keyboards

Al Barrow – bass

Harry James – drums


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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is fantastic news, can everyone that wants the album get it bought this week, rather than next – how fantastic would it be if we could keep this in the Charts for the official countdown !!! Every little helps, come on its only £8.99 delivered on Amazon and that included a DVD too !!!

    Andy Bailey

  2. Anonymous says:

    just want to say that the magnum offering is brillant, lots of hype over the web about it! looks like alot of places have sold out – which is great! its a great album by a great band

  3. Anonymous says:

    very well put AL im listening to the album now and its truly a masterpiece,it amazes me how tony can still be writing such powerful songs this as to be right up there with the best of magnum albums,well done to you all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Link Down.please Reup

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