SHOTGUN SYMPHONY – Highway To Tomorrow (2011)

SHOTGUN SYMPHONY - Highway To Tomorrow (2011)live at Firefest
Live at Firefest – Official Release

Eight years had passed before a chance phone call from Firefest to Charlie Calv kick started the Shotgun Symphony machine once again.
Replacing a pretty well know international act on a festival bill takes guts, but in true New Jersey style, Shotgun got on with the job in hand.
It was the band themselves that decided that maybe playing the entire first album song for song would be something special for band and fans alike, as it had never been done before.

Whilst Charlie Calv has stayed active in the melodic rock scene, vocalist Tracy White had actually given up singing and had only bought an acoustic guitar two weeks before the Firefest question popped up stating “I just got this urge to buy a new guitar, I felt something was going to happen.”
Shotgun Symphony have maintained a loyal following over the years despite their inactivity, and the roar that greeted the band on their return to the UK proved that they were not there to simply make up the numbers, but continue to be hugely appreciated by a discerning melodic rock public.
Is this a comeback? Who knows? Will it continue? maybe.

Excited by once again creating music, the band ventured into the studio for the first time in nine years to record an exclusive newly written track “Can’t Get Over” as a special bonus to fans buying this album, which shows that Shotgun have many miles left in the tank.
October 30th 2010 was not only a special night for five guys from New Jersey, but for a crowd of melodic rock fans that welcomed the band back with open arms – here’s the proof!

01 – Highway To Tomorrow
02 – What Happens To Love
03 – Way Back Home
04 – Turn Around
05 – Broken Promises
06 – Lost Child
07 – She’s In Love
08 – Running
09 – Bitter Sweet Poison
10 – Goodbye To The Night
11 – Believe In Me
12 – Can’t Get Over (New Studio Recording 2011)

Tracy White – Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Mike Maino – Guitars, backing vocals
Charlie Calv – Keyboards, backing vocals
Ed Avila – Bass, backing vocals
Ron Sivulich Jnr. – Drums


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