DEEP PURPLE – Phoenix Rising (Rare Tracks from MKIV History)

DEEP PURPLE - Phoenix Rising - full

DEEP PURPLE don’t need of any particular introduction: they are one of the cornerstones in Hard Rock history with a tremendous culture impact. “Phoenix Rising” is a DVD / CD release covering the so called Deep Purple Mark IV era via rare recordings.
David Coverdale (vocals), Tommy Bolin (guitar), Jon Lord (keyboards), Glenn Hughes (bass & vocals), and Ian Paice (drums) made up this short lived, and final Seventies version of the band.
The group called it quits after a show in Liverpool in March 1976. But no one bothered to inform Hughes who, months later, still labored under the assumption that he was the bass player for Deep Purple.

“Phoenix Rising” take audios from Japan and Long Beach, California concerts. With a cleaned and remastered sound, these tracks displays the powerful golden throat of a young Coverdale in all its glory.
But it is up Jon Lord’s keyboard who steals the scene. He was always Purple’s not-so-secret weapon, and he steps up to the plate here in a big way.
Lord’s solo during “Smoke On The Water” is a definite highlight, as is his synth turn during “Love Child”.

The young and then relatively unknown American guitarist, Tommy Bolin – hired to replace departing guitarist Ritchie Blackmore – has a more restrained presence here in favor of Lord’s keys. But his guitar duel with Hughes’ vocals on “Gettin’ Tighter” is awesome.
Ian Paice’s drumming is power personified, and it is pretty amusing to hear Glenn Hughes ham it up with his bass playing and crazy back-up vocals.

DEEP PURPLE - Phoenix Rising (Rare Tracks from MKIV History) inside

Perhaps it was time. You’ve got to remember that by 1976, the winds of change were blowing hard (for one powerful example, that was the year The Clash formed). Preening, bombastic, wild-maned beasts like Purple, Zeppelin and Sabbath were beginning to lose their relevance… for the moment.
So, “Phoenix Rising” is a true ‘swan song’ of the underrated, last version of this legendary band.
This baby Rocks


1 – Burn (Live From Longbeach)
2 – Gettin’ Tighter (Live From Japan)
3 – Love Child (Live From Japan)
4 – Smoke On The Water / Georgia On My Mind (Live From Japan)
5 – Lazy (Live From Longbeach)
6 – Homeward Strut (Live From Longbeach)
7 – You Keep On Moving (Live From Japan)
8 – Stormbringer (Live From Longbeach)

David Coverdale – Lead vocals
Tommy Bolin – Guitar, vocals, bass, piano
Glenn Hughes – Bass, vocals
Jon Lord – Organ, synthesizer, backing vocals
Ian Paice – Drums, percussion



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. They do sound great.


  2. 0dayrock says:

    @ Ray:
    Yes, have been released before, but not in this quality and are out of print CD's

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is great. Awesome sound. Have some of these tracks been released before on other live cds?


  4. Ramiro Bonilla says:

    Could you please update the link? Thanks, friend

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