MICK McCONNELL – My Kinda Heaven (2011)

MICK McCONNELL - My Kinda Heaven (2011) featuring John Parr


In the late eighties, England born Mick McConnell was part of a rock band in Germany and lived there for almost 2 years, and it was here that he met veteran rockers Smokie for the first time and immediately joined the band, where he still continues today as permanent guitarist.
While Smokie continue to enjoy regular tours, Mick still manages to find time to write and record his own material.
Now, Mick McConnell is proud to announce the release of his first solo album “My Kinda Heaven”.

“My Kinda Heaven” is a beautifully crafted Classic Rock disc with some astonishing moments.
Mick has recruited the services of ’80s legend John Parr (St. Elmo’s Fire) to write some songs, produce and sing in a couple of tracks.
Also, some first class musicians have been part of the recording, including Wishbone Ash and Uriah Heep members.

The CD opens with “Keep On Turning”, an uptempo bluesy melodic rock tune featuring the classy vocals of John Parr, who still owns a strong register. Sweepin’ guitar solo by McConnell which has a great sustain.
“Repo Man” is the first song sung by McConnell itself. The man has a warm raspy voice that perfectly suits the classic rock mould of this track and the ones to come. Some tasty slide guitar and vintage keyboards drive the track.
The commercial and catchy “Ain’t Gonna Rain (No More)” features another vocalist; Nick Page, which sounds fresh and young.

“World’s Gone Crazy” is one of my favorites on this album (to be honest, all are really good). This midtempo semi-ballad includes acoustic guitars and a very organic percussion, all wrapped by wonderful harmonies.
“Working For The Weekend” has a truly catchy rhythm, “Remember Those Days” is a charming piano-ballad, while title track “My Kinda Heaven” has a great vibe, much in the Richie Sambora solo work style.
John Parr returns on “Don’t Walk Away”, another melodic rocker full of magic, and the album closes with the terrific instrumental “Rain On Flinders Street”.

Practically with no promotion and only released in central Europe (a shame), “My Kinda Heaven” is a little Classic Rock gem that deserves to be listened by all rock fans out there.
This album is marvelous from start to finish, including really good songs, sweet arrangements and superb melodies.
Mick McConnell is a complete musician, not only plays guitar with style and a distinctive sound, he also has a rich and educated voice. The album benefits with the inclusion of the classy Parr pipes adding variation, and the long list of musicians involved perform their parts with professionalism.
A hidden beauty, not to be missed.

01 – Keep On Turning (feat. John Parr)
02 – Repo Man
03 – Ain’t Gonna Rain [No More] (feat. Nick Page)
04 – World’s Gone Crazy
05 – Working For The Weekend
06 – Remember Those Days
07 – My Kinda Heaven
08 – Sign Of The Times
09 – Don’t Walk Away (feat. John Parr)
10 – Rain On Flinders Street

Mick McConnell – Lead Vocals, Guitars
John Parr – Lead Vocals
Nick Page – Lead Vocals
Neil Taylor, Blue Miller – Guitar
Dave Major, Andy Twigg – Keyboards
Andy Hickey, Dave Laine – Piano
David Levy, Trevor Bolder – Bass
Rachel Drury – Cello, Violin
Joe Crabtree (Wishbone Ash) – Drums
Keith Angel – Percussion
Chaz Harrison, Kay Watts – Backing Vocals


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