DAUGHTRY – Break The Spell [Deluxe Edition] (2011)


DAUGHTRY is ready to release their 3rd album “Break The Spell” next Monday, November 21.
The band’s debut album was the best selling record of the year, moving more than four million copies while producing a string of hits on the charts. Along with Nickelback, Daughtry was the lone voice keeping rock alive in the mainstream of top 40 radio.
But what kind of rock?
The quintet brings their 2.0 Bon Jovi-style power drive rockers mixed with washed modern radio ballads, which isn’t a bad thing after all.

One thing needs to be made clear about Daughtry’s music; this is not post-grunge as it was often labeled.
Daughtry is an unabashed guitar pop band, carrying some hard overtones from the nineties, but not the dark slog that came out of Seattle.
To his credit, is fair to say that Chris Daughtry himself play a part in the production of his albums, particularly in songwriting where he write or co-write most of the songs. An the man has a voice.
Still remember Daughtry’s awesome version of Foreigner’s classic ‘Feels Like The First Time’ a couple years ago, which has demonstrated the quality of this band.
Sadly (or not, for many people), but obviously, on “Break The Spell” they stick to the best selling formula that makes them sell millions.
So, if you like their previous stuff, you won’t be disppointed here.

The songs on “Break The Spell” are exactly what is expected of Daughtry, tightly written pop songs with flashes of rock giving them the appearance of muscularity.
Though Daughtry’s rockin’ with testosterin’ made him/them popular at frats, at tailgate parties and on army bases, it’s the good ol’ ballads that got the girls. No shortage here.
Regardless of topic, tempo or potential for tediousness, every song delivers its mandatory Top Forty hook within a little below the minute mark. And interestingly, there is much attention to detail production-wise on the front half of these workups, the lure as important as the payoffs, those being some cool choruses guaranteed to indoctrinate after their first repetition.
Everything sounds polished and crisp, again produced by Howard Benson and mixed by maybe the best engineer ever in rock history; Chris Lord-Alge (Damn Yankees, 21 Guns, and zillion more).
As said, if you like this style, you won’t be disappointed.

DAUGHTRY - Break The Spell [Deluxe Edition] (2011)tracklist

Chris Daughtry – lead vocals, guitar
Josh Steely – lead guitar, backing vocals
Brian Craddock – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Josh Paul – bass, backing vocals
Robin Diaz – drums, percussion


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