SACRED HEART – Propaganda (2011)

SACRED HEART - Propaganda (2011)


Sacred Heart has been on the road for many years, recording several demos and a couple of full length albums.
Note I said on the road and not in the business, as they always have self-managed all band’s artistic aspects.
“Propaganda” is their brand new album, covering a wide range of styles from hard rock, rock&pop, melodic rock and why not, classic rock.

Produced by the ex-drummer of the band (who also play keyboards on this recording), Sacred Heart also mix here serious and interesting lyrics with fun and good time rockers.
After the dark instrumental intro “Everybody Falls”, starts one of the best songs onthe album, “Propaganda Part One”. This is a strong hard rocker in the Dokken style, with a big riff and a pounding rhythm section. Very good lyrics about the Nazi death camps and those who died in the massacre. It’s based on the experience of vocalist Paul Stead visiting Auschwitz. Really good track including a thunderous guitar solo.
Follower “Can’t Breathe” is a great mid-tempo rocker with a dense riff but vocally melodic. It has some nineties vibe and again an accomplished vocal work. In this kind of compositions in where this band shine having already demonstrated in the previous albums.

Things change radically on the next track “Nothing At All”, a catchy poppy melodic rock, featuring some of the band’s sing-a-long stylings.
Same on the bit generic and modern oriented “Never Let You Go” and the more hard oriented and effective “Spit”.
“With Open Arms” is a calm ballad with touching lyrics, where the clean acoustic & electric guitars are supported by aural synths.
“Goodbye” is another semi-ballad but this time electrified with a really nice melody.
The Part Two of title track “Propaganda” is beautifully arranged with a slow melodic line, where the deep vocals are surrounded by atmospheric keyboards. After repeated listens you simply will love this tune.

With “Propaganda”, Sacred Heart has set apart themselves to the crowd of the conventional UK scene releasing a varied album with catchy melodic songs and good hard rockers for a good measure.
Add to this meaningful lyrics, fine harmonies and really tight musicianship and you have a convincing product, well produced and recorded. I really like this band own sound.
“Propaganda” is the best Sacred Heart work to date, diverse and entertaining. Support this band, who are going indie in all aspects and truly delivers good music.
Well worth getting.

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01 – Everybody Falls / Propaganda Part One
02 – Can’t Breathe
03 – Nothing At All
04 – Paldies (Thank You)
05 – Never Let You Go
06 – With Open Arms
07 – Spit
08 – Goodbye
09 – We Stand (Hand In Hand)
10 – You’re The One
11 – Propaganda Part Two
12 – Propaganda Part One (edit)

Paul Stead – vocals & guitar
Mark Stephenson – guitar & vocals
Darren Jhuboo – bass & vocals
Dave Thurlby – drums
Alex Burke – keyboards, production


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