TRF (THE ROCK FILES) – A Life On Earth (2011)

TRF (THE ROCK FILES) - A Life On Earth (2011)


The Dutch project TRF (THE ROCK FILES) started back in 2003 when guitarist Adjan Emmen and renowned bass player Peter Vink (Ayreon, Star One), after playing together in the local rock band Omsk, decided to re-arrange the song material Adjan wrote some time ago.
While finalizing the songs, they were looking for a good singer, and met Jerry ten Bhomer, the perfect vocalist for this kind of material.
Vink recommended Rutger Klijn for the bass slot and with Pim Kooiman on drums and Marco Hoogerheide on guest keyboards, the band was completed and went into the studio.

“A Life On Earth”, the amazing debut of The Rock Files, is full of an impressive musicality and incredible mature songwriting.
They play a crisp melodic rock dyed with progressive elements, where Saga meets commercial Queensryche, blending fantastic guitar melodies with high quality vocal harmonies.
“A Life On Earth” is a concept album holding 11 songs (chapters) representing the inevitable ups & downs of life on Earth. A story, of course with moments of pain but in the end there is a message of hope.
But you can enjoy the tracks randomly, and take for sure that here you’ll find some fine, fantastic songs.

First track “Life” is a clear example of the quality on offer, where the full toned guitar of Adjan and the colorful vocals by Jerry rocks the place. This is pretty direct melodic rocker, but the rest of the material is incredibly varied and interesting.
Follower “Birth” is a solid, powerful track with proggy but melodic nuances, in a style of what Queensryche seems had forgotten. Great song.
“Desire” adds some acoustics to the mix but the song is fast paced with a really captivating breaks and skilled drum arrangements.
The semi-slow “Despair” features a very intelligent six string work with pristine acoustics blended with layers of melodic electric guitars, all surrounded by great vocal harmonies. This track is a real gem, complex but really easy to digest and enjoy.

The instrumental “Sinking” is an inventive and never boring composition where all these talented musicians contribute to create a catchy tune full swing.
“Rebirth” goes to more classic prog but with a great sense of the melody, brilliant guitar work again and superb arrangements.
“Precious” rocks again mounted on a strong riff and a fat bass, where the vocals change the register over and over. This is another track with superb rhythm, and a particular catchiness. Seriously, this band is really good!
On the last track “Faith”, TRF don’t stop to surprise us, with another highlight in an album full of them. Do you miss Queensryche glorious days spiced with the good old Saga? Wait to listen this one. But TRF have their own sound and personality. Tons of melodies and clever arrangements to end one of the most complete debuts recently.

I think I’ve said all about TRF above.
No, wait, there’s much, much more on this amazing album.
“A Life On Earth” is an indie recording / release, but you will not notice at any time. All is awesomely arranged, played and mixed. Don’t expect a boring avant-garde experimentation or a simply melodic rock album with proggy overtones.
No, “A Life On Earth” is vital, entertaining, with a crisp sound and great performances.
The music is dominated by the fantastic melodic guitar work of mastermind Adjan Emmen but the rest of the instruments have a cohesive, dynamic role on these beautifully crafted songs. And the vocals… I don’t know where singer Jerry ten Bhomer has been or played with, but he is a true revelation.
Coming out of nowhere (actually, from the Netherlands), with little promotion and fanfare, TRF / THE ROCK FILES has delivered one of the best (if not the best) indie albums of the year.
Don’t miss “A Life On Earth”, you will regret later.
Highly Recommended.

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01 – Life
02 – Birth
03 – Desire
04 – Despair
05 – Sinking
06 – Regression
07 – Rebirth
08 – Rising
09 – Child
10 – Precious
11 – Faith

Jerry ten Bhomer – Vocals
Adjan Emmen – Guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
Marco Hoogerheide – Keyboards
Rutger Klijn – Bass
Pim Kooiman – Drums


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