OUTLOUD – Last Days Of December [single] (2011)


OUTLOUD, the Melodic Rock quintet from Athens, Greece, featuring guitarist / keyboardist Bob Katsionis (Firewind) and New York based singer Chandler Mogel, have just released a Christmas themed single named:
“Last Days Of December”.

Bob Katsionis comments on the song:
“People are getting so much negativity from everywhere these days. It’s like someone is trying to make the world feel empty and helpless, facing the problems of each country’s economy, criminality etc.
At the same time,what you get from the Social Networks is mostly negative comments, trolling, absurdity, violence and people being more rude day by day. This is reflected on music as well. Bands are trying to be harder, heavier, meaner and more evil like there’s some short of hate-contest going on!
What we tried to do with this song is to bring the rock world some melody, some peace, remind people that Love is the power that makes this world go round and contribute to the soundtrack of the Christmas Holiday Season with a song that we hope will stand the test of time.
Christmas time doesn’t necessarily mean shopping and spending but also quality time with friends and family and the people we love and to be able to share some positive energy which is definitely missing nowadays.
Happy Holidays!”

Written, produced and mixed by Bob Katsionis, this midtempo semi-ballad (featuring an awesome guest guitar solo by Achilleas Diamantis) confirms that Outloud is one of the most consistent and talented bands in the actual Melodic Rock scene.
Merry Christmas!

Outloud – Last Days Of December (4:49)

Chandler Mogel – Vocals
Mark Cross – Drums
Bob Katsionis – Guitars & Keys
Sverd T. Soth – Bass
Achilleas Diamantis – middle Guitar solo


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