REIGN OF KINGS – Music Inspired By The Spirit Quest (2011)

feat. Robin Beck and James Christian


“The Spirit Quest” is a multimedia project on a grand scale performed by REIGN Of KINGS, a collaborative group consisting of international musicians, artists and an author.
The author, Shawn R. Key, has created an epic Christmas story, “The Spirit Quest”, which is told to a rich musical score and is available via audiobook as well as an eBook complete with elaborate illustrations.

The Reign Of Kings musicians have created an accompanying CD inspired by the story. This combo comprises several talented session players and rutilant stars of the Melodic Rock scene.
We have here awesome vocal performances by Robin Beck and her husband James Christian (House Of Lords), the expert coach Sammy Allen, and guitar contributions by Bill Leverty (Firehouse) & Pete Evick (Bret Michael’s Band).

The album tells the story alternating vocal Melodic Hard Rock tunes with instrumental tracks beautifully arranged, some with a soundtrack score style, some with furious guitar parts and blasting rhythm section.
“The Spirit Quest” approach isn’t in the vein of some metal bands that made Christmas albums in the past, this is more organic and Melodic Rock oriented, and follows an interesting story.

Really well composed, played and recorded, “The Spirit Quest” is a great opportunity to listen a beautiful Christmas story surrounded by good Melodic Rock music, and to enjoy two of the best vocalist in the genre; Robin Beck and James Christian.
A project appropriate for all times of the year, “The Spirit Quest” is Holiday oriented and perfect for the winter season.
Happy Holidays!

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrock

01 – Lifeblood (feat. Robin Beck & James Christian)
02 – Dance Of The Black Cherry Faeries
03 – Interstellar Christmas
04 – Time (feat. Sammy Allen)
05 – Seven Chakras (feat. James Christian)
06 – Man In The Moon (feat. Robin Beck & James Christian)
07 – Ethereal (feat. Sammy Allen)
08 – Words Of Wisdom (feat. Sammy Allen)
09 – Dance Of The Knights
10 – Hearth Crickets
11 – Music Box Dancer
12 – Whimsical

Robin Beck
James Christian
Sammy Allen

Steve Senes
Mike Himmel
Matt Ascione
Bill Leverty
Pete Evick

Bass: Scott Harlan, Ira Ostrowski
Keyboards: Shawn R. Key, Jonathan McPherson
Drums/Percussion: Shawn R. Key
Backing Vocals: Hailey Key, Alexa Key, Chloe Key

Produced by: Shawn R. Key and Pete Evick

REIGN OF KINGS - Music Inspired By The Spirit Quest personnel


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