BANGALORE CHOIR – Metaphor (2012)

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One more time BANGALORE CHOIR, a band that sealed the ’90s with its rockin’ songs comes to strike with the album “Metaphor”, to be on the streets at 27th April 2012.
David Reece and his company are here with their 3rd studio album, more matured than ever to deliver the goodies of Melodic Hard Rock straight to you.

Bangalore Choir is getting better and better with each new CD.
“Metaphor” is a devastating album featuring catchy hard (melodic) rockin’ tunes and unbelievable performances. It’s a hailstorm of hot riffs and vocals for award, the whole album bursts from uplifting notes and tracks that will definitely surprise you!
The opening track is called “All The Damage Done” and it just gives you the taste of a dynamic song with skilful guitars, boosting mood, ready to shake you the right way.
“Trojan Horse” coming up next and trust me this track will conquer you. This music battle rises on a melodic ‘battlefield’ for your ears only. Its rhythm is surprising, and the lyrics fit perfectly to the feeling that these notes bring to you.
A definitive highlight is the kick ass “Silhouettes Of The Shade”, including a terrific chorus and it’s the ‘hard’ taste leaving upon your speakers that makes you play your air guitar and sway to its unstoppable rhythm.
“Metaphor” jams upon the frets of the guitar bringing to you a sweet squeal, a different track, a unique music situation.

Listening to this album needs only passion for neat music, these eleven tracks will show you the way and escort you to the nest of Melodic Hard Rock.
“Metaphor” is an album really well produced with a concept that is flawless from the mix and mastering to the staff that contains. The tracks one by one are more than enough attributed with high vocal and instrumental standards.
The songs I commented before are just a small sample to what you are going to listen inside this album but trust me that the rest of them are Kick Ass as well.
In my opinion, “Metaphor” is the best album of Bangalore Choir’s career so far.
So turn up the volume, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a rockin’ satisfaction that will echo in your ears for a long time!
Highly Recommended.

01 – All The Damage Done
02 – Trojan Horse
03 – Silhouettes On The Shade
04 – Metaphor
05 – Don’t Act Surprised
06 – Never Fave Ole Joe Alone
07 – Scandinavian Rose
08 – Catch An Angel Fallin’
09 – Civilized Evil
10 – Fools Gold
11 – Always Be My Angel

David Reece: Vocals
Andy Susemihl: Guitars
Curtis Mitchell: Guitars
Danny Greenberg: Bass
Rene Letters: Drums


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