PLANETHARD – No Deal (2012)

PLANETHARD - No Deal (2012)


After almost six years away from the acclaimed ‘Crashed on PlanetHard’, the Milan, Italy based quartet PLANETHARD are back with their second full length CD “No Deal”, that will leave the audiences impressed for sure.

PlanetHard has dramatically improved in all departments, taking the time to write killer songs plenty of hooks and melodies.
The band also sounds tight as never, with a monster rhythm section, an updated guitar sound and a special attention to the vocal harmony arrangements.
PlanetHard plays Hard Rock, dynamic and intense, and for this new set of songs they’ve added several ’80s touches to the music, sounding much more melodic than on their previous hard-bluesy oriented album.

The CD opens with the classic hard rock of “Ride Away”, which has a very melodic chorus and a sizzling guitar solo. PlanetHard rocks when play songs in this style/genre, they’re truly convincing and catchy.
In the same vein we find the American influenced “Nothing For Free” with verses and guitars typically from the L.A. scene.
More heavy-riff based are the dark “Abuse”, the modern “Wings In Vain” and “This World”, the latter with a tremendous sharp guitar riff driving the song.
A curiosity is the cover of Prince’s pop classic “Sign Of The Times”, almost unrecognizable in this Americanized hard rock version, with a tuned-down guitar and high amounts of percussion. Cool.

But PlanetHard also has a Melodic Rock side, and they’re really good in this matter too.
The full-bodied melody of the ballad “To Tame Myself” is excellent, including keyboards and acoustic guitars to the mix.
“Empty Book Of Friends” is an Euro melodic rocker with a catchy hook and a song structure in the Scandinavian style. The vocals are particularly remarkable, with a meaty lead and very well arranged backings. One of the best tracks of the album.
“Until Tomorrow Comes” also sounds Scandi, specially the choruses, but more hard, including a melting melodic guitar solo.
The melodic hard rock of “No Reason To Lie” reminds me the second incarnation of Two Fires or The Storm. Effective and impactful.

PlanetHard has released an very good rockin’ album blending powerful hard songs with melodic rockers for a good measure. This isn’t a disjointed salad at all, as the band navigates with ease between both styles.
The songs are really well written and arranged, organically played with flawless vocals juxtaposed with an enviable instrumental technique.
With a vital and sparkling production, “No Deal” rocks, and rocks good.

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01 – Ride Away
02 – This World
03 – Abuse
04 – Wings In Vain
05 – To Tame Myself
06 – Nothing For Free
07 – Another Myself
08 – Mass Extermination
09 – Empty Book Of Friends
10 – Sign Of The Times (Prince cover)
11 – Until Tomorrow Comes
12 – No Reason To Lie

Mark Sivo: Vocals
Mark D’Andrea: Guitars
Alessandro Furia: Bass
Stefano Arrigoni: Drums


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