FAITH CIRCUS – Faith Circus Re-Mixed (2012)

FAITH CIRCUS - Faith Circus Re-Mixed (2012)


FAITH CIRCUS is a Norwegian Melodic Hard Rock act who released their very good debut in 2008 through Kivel Records.

The label did little to promote the album which criminally passed unnoticed for the public. Besides, the band was not happy with the mix & mastering. Then they negotiated the contract and set them free.

Faith Circus decided to release by themselves their version of “Faith Circus”, not only re-mixed and re-packaged, but also including two new tracks as bonuses, one of them a duet with the amazing Robin Beck!

You’d expect a band as polished as Faith Circus and playing this kind of Melodic Hard Rock to come from Sweden, but instead, Faith Circus is a Norwegian band that draws on the influences from classic Euro acts but also big names from America.

Being a Norwegian band has its perks, because two of the guest musicians on the release are none other than Morty Black and Tony Harnell, both of Norway’s greatest rock band TNT. Drummer Steinar Krokstad from the should-be legendary Stage Dolls also guests on the CD, along with a few others.

I own the original 2008 release, and this re-mix and new tracklist truly launches this terrific collection of songs to a new level.

Now, one of the best songs of the CD is placed as opener; “Temporary High” is a true ass kicker rocker that rolls with an American vibe. Lyrically, the song is strong as well, with sentiments like, “Do you want my love, or some temporary high?”

Next, we have another winner. “Back On Love” starts with the chorus sung a capella. While seemingly a straight ahead rocker, you’ll hear keyboard fills and Def Leppard-like guitar leads interspersed throughout the track, making it more complicated than a cursory listen will detail. After the guitar solo, singer Marc Ferrano displays his warm and solid singing style, and in many ways, he sounds like Jamie Rowe, which is a massive compliment. While probably the best song on the CD, some of the others come pretty damn close …

After these two uptempo tracks, Faith Circus proves they can flow into the mellower vein with ease, as you’ll hear on “Half The Man.” Not quite a ballad, but more of a mid-tempo AOR rocker, this is a song about loss and dealing with being bereft after your love leaves. As noted before, the adjective ‘polished’ is a great way to define Faith Circus, and you’ll hear it here.

Next, “Alive & Kickin´” ups the tempo again with a great rhythm, followed by the extremely melodious “Without Me” which reminds you their countryman Stage Dolls. This is the kind of tunes that sticks in your head after a couple of listens.

“Hold On” is a jumpin’, sort of quirky composition, beginning with a bass line from Lasse Koester, with guest keyboardist Dag Stokke (TNT, Vagabond) adding streams of melody to the overall feel. Guitarist Marius Morch doesn’t show off but plays within the parameters of the song, his solo superbly melodic and fluid. Singer Ferrano seems to be the focal point of the band with his masculine yet flexible vocals stealing the spotlight most of the time, as happens on this brilliant track.

The band decides to wax poetic and philosophical on “Pushing Up Daisies”. Thematically, it’s about living in the now and not taking yourself so seriously.

Or, as they put it, “And all the bullshit that might seem so important now, won’t compare to pushing up daisies. I’m talking about the beauty of simplicity.” So take advice from Faith Circus and get rid of the convoluted aspects and the complexities of your life … or just groove to this song, a driving melodic hard rocker.

The CD is reaching its end with “Wasted Rainbow”, which starts with noises of children playing and soft keyboards. The song is again contemplative and experiments with musical nuances and flow. You may be reminded of Winger on this track, another band that put musicianship before looks. A really good one.

The first of the new tracks is “Heroes”, an Americanized anthem filled with layers of harmonic vocals everywhere, and musically it has a killer groove.

“For Your Eyes Only” is a little gem of a song. This is a cover of the 1981 classic tune featured in a James Bond movie. This version has been arranged in a Melodic Rock semi-ballad style, performed in duet with the always outstanding Robin Beck. You will be thrilled by the quality of this track, one of the highlights without a doubt.

Surely “Faith Circus” has slipped under the radar of most Melodic Hard Rock fans in its original release back in 2008.

Don’t miss it now, this is a superb album full of amazing melodies and hooks. This re-mix now makes justice to these terrific songs delivered with pure passion for the genre.

The band presented the CD the last Christmas eve, and now is available in hard copies and as digital download.

Highly Recommended.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrockz

01 – Temporary High (Re-Mix)

02 – Back On Love (Re-Mix)

03 – Tried ‘n True (Re-Mix)

04 – Half The Man (Re-Mix)

05 – Alive & Kickin’ (Re-Mix)

06 – Without Me (Re-Mix)

07 – Can You Feel It (Re-Mix)

08 – Rain On You (Re-Mix)

09 – Hold On (Re-Mix)

10 – Pushing Up Daisies (Re-Mix)

11 – Wasted Rainbow (Re-Mix)

12 – Heroes (New track)

13 – For Your Eyes Only [duet with Robin Beck] (New track)

Marc Farrano – vocals

Marius Morch – guitars

Lasse Koester – bass

Baard Nordvik – drums

Additional musicians;

Morty Black (TNT, Jorn Lande) – bass

Steinar Krokstad (Stage Dolls, Vagabond) – drums

Dag Stokke (TNT, Vagabond) – keyboards

Tore Moren (Jorn Lande, Rain) – guitar

Steinar Hagen (Return) – guitar

Tony Harnell (TNT, Westworld) – background vocals

Robin Beck – vocal duet


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