THE GLORIA STORY – Out Of The Shade EP (2012)

THE GLORIA STORY - Out Of The Shade EP (2012)


After a busy 2011 for the band, only a year has past since the Sweds THE GLORIA STORY released their stupendous debut ‘Shades Of White’, and they strike again with an EP album just to keep us warm.

“Out Of The Shade” includes three new tracks plus a remix of the bands first platinum hit single “Oh! No”.

The Gloria Story debut became an instant hit in Scandinavia, with raving reviews worldwide.

This new EP reveals a more straight old school approach than the polished and glossy heard previously. Producer Anders ‘Boba Fett’ Lindström (Hellacopters) has provided a more hot and in your face sound this time.

The opening track “Adore” and follower “Tennis Is Nice” manifests quite well what the band is about, namely humor and glamour analog ’70s classic hard rock.

Really fun is “Tennis Is Nice” intro featuring a sample of John McEnroe’s angry voice recorded during The Stockholm Tennis Open in the seventies, screaming “Answer my question! The question, jerk!”

Third track is a new, dirtier version of the successful single “Oh! No” from the debut CD. This is a feel good and catchy tune, now even more rocking.

And for the end we have a real surprise. “Lacie Heart” is a very delicate creature which consists entirely of vocals and keyboards, and it is indeed something extraordinary for this band.

The sound is reverberated and retro, with upfront vocals and some kind of vintage organ / synths creating a fantastic atmosphere. This track alone worth the EP.

“Out Of The Shade EP” was released on CD only in Sweden, but now you can catch a digital version worldwide.

For starters, The Gloria Story is mainly focusing on the analogue ’70s classic sounds but it also efficiently looks one eye at today’s radio-huntin’ rock standards.

What we have here is a celebration of the positive energy and vibe that the seventies brought to (Hard) Rock music. Take some of the first mark of Kiss, add the poetic colors of Thin Lizzy, don’t forget to pour a little bit of T-Rex, Ramones or Blue Oyster Cult and you easily get what The Gloria Story really stand for.

Their music has a clear personality and the attitude of the band is 100% fitting the songs’ needs. It’s impressive how some bands can offer you something that’s already been played millions of times before and still portray it in their own signature.

This is the kind of EP’s that puts a big smile on your face, as it’s a short, effective and an extremely fun rockin’ moment.


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THE GLORIA STORY - Out Of The Shade EP (2012) back cover

Joan “Kid” Sallrot – Lead Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals

Filip Rapp – Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Carl Ahlander – Guitar

Joakim Stahl, Fredrik Axelsson – Bass

Henrik Siberg – Drums & Percussion


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