DAVID READMAN – David Readman (2012)

DAVID READMAN - David Readman (2012)


At this point seems unnecessary to tell you who is DAVID READMAN.

Singer and driving force for Pink Cream 69, not only has been part as well of such acts as Place Vendome, Voodoo Circle or Adagio, the man has also become one of the most requested producers in the Melodic Hard Rock genre.

In 2007 Readman unleashed his first solo album on Frontiers Rec., and now has decided to re-release it by himself including two previously unreleased tracks as bonuses.

Readman got help of an impressive list of musicians, including PC 69 bandmates Dennis Ward handling production and guitarist Uwe Reitenauer. Joining them are Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse, Cry Havoc), Eric Ragno (Talon, Takara) plus members of Silent Force, Elegy, Vanden Plas and Melodic Rock guru Tommy Denander.

This is a powerful Melodic Hard Rock album with several AOR touches, plenty of catchy hooks and melodies. Opener “Without You” gives you a clear idea of what to expect here: killer riffs and monster choruses in the best European tradition.

All the following tracks are good and intense, being my favorites the awesome “Evil Combination”, the late ’80s Whitesnake influenced “Wild In The City” (Readman vocals sound as Coverdale many times on this recording), the AORish “Don’t Let It Slip Away” and the great ballad “Love In Vain”.

David has added to this reissue two tracks; the original versions of “Evil Combination” and “No Peace For The Wicked”, both pretty different in arrangements and sound, much closer in style to Pink Cream 69.

David Readman has crafted here an album tailor made for all the fans of classy Melodic Hard Rock.

Fourteen mighty melodious and still very hard rockin’ songs with top class songwriting, catchy choruses and flashy guitar work.

Everything is superbly put together with a killer vocal delivery and stellar musicianship by all the personnel involved. Production is huge, with a crystal clear sound as you’d expect from Dennis Ward.

Easily Recommended.

01 – Without You

02 – Evil Combination

03 – Take These Tears

04 – Don’t Let It Slip Away

05 – No Peace For The Wicked

06 – Long Way To Heaven

07 – Wild In The City

08 – Gentle Touch

09 – Prisoner Of Shame

10 – New Messiah

11 – Over The Ocean

12 – Love In Vain

13 – Evil Combination (2007 Original version) [bonus]

14 – No Peace For The Wicked (2007 Original version) [bonus]

David Readman: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Paul Logue: Bass

Dirk Bruinenberg: Drums

Chris Schmidt Drums

Eric Ragno: Keyboards

Günter Werno: Keyboards

Alex Beyrodt: Guitars

Gerald Sänger: Guitars

Uwe Reitenauer: Guitars

Tommy Denander: Guitars



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