DIO – Sacred Heart [Deluxe Edition 2CD] (2012)

DIO - Sacred Heart [Deluxe Edition 2CD] (2012)


“Sacred Heart”, the third DIO album as solo artist released in 1985, was a massive seller spawning a couple of hit singles.

In this recording Ronnie James opted for a slicker, commercial production with the keyboards more prominent and the AOR flavour turned up a few notches.

Although I love the first two albums, due the aforementioned orientation “Sacred Heart” is my favorite of the trilogy.

As part of the reissue of Dio’s entire catalog, “Sacred Heart” is presented in a “Deluxe Edition” fully remastered and with an extra CD.

On the 2nd disc you get a bumper pack of bonus tracks featuring the excellent studio track “Hide In The Rainbow” which was featured in the soundtrack to the film ‘Iron Eagle’. There are the usual live B-sides to the singles, with “We Rock”, “The Last In Line” and “Like The Beat Of A Heart”.

But what I really enjoy here is the inclussion of the entire mini-LP “Intermission”, one of my favorite live discs of the ’80s.

Recorded at The Sports Arena in San Diego, Dec. 6, 1985, features guitarist Vivian Campbell just prior to his departure, on a selection of tracks from the first three Dio albums, with Rainbow’s ‘Long Live Rock’n’Roll’ and ‘Man On The Silver Mountain’ as part of a medley.

There’s also the studio track “Time To Burn” included to introduce Campbell’s replacement Craig Goldy, who finished the ‘Sacred Heart’ tour with the band.

“Sacred Heart – Deluxe Edition” is a must have not only for DIO / Sabbath fans, also for any ’80s self-respecting rocker.

Great sound, great package including all original artwork, and great price.

CD 1:

01 – King of Rock and Roll

02 – Sacred Heart

03 – Another Lie

04 – Rock ‘N’ Roll Children

05 – Hungry for Heaven

06 – Like the Beat of a Heart

07 – Just Another Day

08 – Fallen Angels

09 – Shoot Shoot

CD 2:

01 – Hide In The Rainbow (The DIO EP – Iron Eagle OST)

02 – We Rock (Live B-Side Rock N Roll Children Single)

03 – Last in Line (B-Side Rock N Roll Children Single)

04 – Like the Beat of a Heart (B-Side Hungry For Heaven Single)

Intermission (Live At The Sports Arena in San Diego, Dec. 6, 1985);

05 – King of Rock and Roll

06 – Rainbow in the Dark

07 – Sacred Heart

08 – Time to Burn (studio track feat. Craig Goldy)

09 – R’N’R Children / Long Live R’N’R / Man on the Silver Mountain

10 – We Rock



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