COSMIC DANGER – Universe At Large (2012)

COSMIC DANGER - Universe At Large (2012)


COSMIC DANGER was formed in the nineties by guitarist Jim Reiske and multi-instrumentalist William Reiske. William runs a multimedia enterprise which also includes E3pO studios in Fort Wayne, Indiana, home for all things surrounding the Reiske’s creativity.

The band just released the CD “Universe At Large”, defined by themselves as ’21st Century Progressive Rock’.

Indeed, this is Progressive Rock, and at first degree. Very melodic as well, the music resembles classic Yes, UK, Asia and GTR all blended with stupendous musicianship and harmony vocals.

Sometimes Cosmic Danger goes for Neo-Prog, adding to their perfectly crafted tracks some modern elements. The key of the success and impact of these songs – apart from the exquisite arrangements – is their relatively short length for the genre, rounding most of them the 4/5 minute mark.

The music on this album is compositionally complex yet really accessible, melodic, and meander purposefully down intriguing paths.

The performances are stellar and the influences are obvious but certainly not overly-inspired by prior art. Listening through the album makes you think as if many of your Prog heroes got together and made a new, awesome, no-nonsense album.

Although Cosmic Danger is an indie band, this isn’t a group of amateurs getting together and attempting to make some intrincate music. These guys are total professionals, focused, and true to the prog rock tradition delivering quality in all aspects.

Production is great, punctilious, sharp on the uptempo tracks and warm in the calmer moments.

“Universe At Large” will appeal not only the Prog sphere fans, but also a vast spectre of rockers eager for something consistent, elaborated and expertly crafted.

Highly Recommended.

01 – Champions

02 – Freedom Flier

03 – Skydiving

04 – Blue Sky

05 – Bug in the Wire

06 – Endless Voyage

07 – Moon Base Gamma

08 – Five Year Mission

09 – Final Dusk

Jim Reiske: vocals, guitars

William Reiske: everything else


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  1. E3pO says:

    This is still wrong, jim reiske on guitar and vocals, William reiske everything else. William reiske is E3pO productions LLC.

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