NIGEL DUPREE – Up To No Good (2012)

NIGEL DUPREE - Up To No Good (2012)


Nigel Dupree is the son of Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl fame, but the guy has his own career, and with his rocing band is releasing his second album “Up To No Good”.

Like his pops, Nigel has a true love for loud, greasy, grimy, dirty barroom brawl rock and roll. You could say that this rocker didn’t fall far from the tree.

But unlike his dad, however, Nigel did not grow up playing chainsaws, instead, he grabbed a Les Paul guitar. Nigel seemingly listened to Tesla growing up and that is worn on his sleeve proudly. He is a good guitarist who can write an infectious hook and play American hard / classic rock with style.

The album starts out with the moving rocker “Attitude”, a three chord hard rocking tune with a great riff and solo. The track is the description for this record; quintessential hard rock, instant and enjoyable.

First single “Tumbleweed” is a low slung grinding affair showing off his southern roots and a nasty track to down that next drink to. “Say Watcha Say” and “Trouble” continue the fire as well as one of the best tracks on the album: “Control”.

As hard as this record burns, it does have a sentimental side with the slow grooves that are “The Chooser” and “Hold On” but still showing serious power underneath.

Nigel Dupree has come out swinging with a solid rock record to be cranked up while cruising down the highway or while at a backyard BBQ.

Nigel is not reinventing the wheel on “Up To No Good “. Instead, he has the look of a young Ted Nugent and a sound that mixes all of the bands that influenced his daddy and the more commercial side of American hard / classic rock, resulting in a sort of an ’80s rock for the new millennium’ sound.

A very well-rounded album that has something for every rock fan.

01 – Attitude

02 – Tumbleweed

03 – Control

04 – The Chooser

05 – Hold On

06 – Push

07 – Sad Situation

08 – Trouble

09 – Blame

10 – Say Whatcha Say

11 – Blur

Nigel Dupree : Vocals, Guitar

David Buchanan : Guitar

Alex Foretich : Bass

Sebastian Anderson : Drums


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