THE FRIDAY NIGHTS (Erik Martensson) – ST (2012)

VANGOUGH - Kingdom Of Ruin (2011)


Undoubtly, Erik Martensson is one of the most talented rock musicians of the new Swedish generation. The guy is busy generating projects all the time and collaborating everywhere.

With a new album of his main band Eclipse to be released next week (where he is at charge of most the artistry), Erik has found the time to work on the debut of his parallel group; THE FRIDAY NIGHTS.

Together with experienced musicians Johannes Kagelind (bass & vocals) and

Peter Mansson (drums, vocals), Martensson has created a Power Rock trio where he splash his most diverse musical influences.

The premise of The Friday Nights is deliver 3-minute rocking songs ranging from power pop, melodic rock, hard and radio rock.

This is direct, instant and catchy rock ‘n roll, with screaming yet melodic guitars and Erik singing uncompromisingly over a super-tight rhythm section.

We have poppy melodic rockers filled with synths such as “Angela”, “Never Let Go” or “Any Annie”, fast radio rock tunes in “Final Call For Love” and “I Really Wanna Be With You (Tonight)”, and a very climatic ballad on “In This Moment”.

A couple of the final songs from The Friday Nights debut album are currently being recorded in Stockholm… and guess what?

Here at 0dayrockz we have exclusively most of the tracks of the upcoming album with a release date yet to be announced.

Not demos, these are the final mixes done by Erik Martensson himself.


01 – Angela

02 – Final Call For Love

03 – In This Moment

04 – Any Annie

05 – Dance

06 – I Really Wanna Be With You (Tonight)

07 – Never Let Go

08 – On My Sleeve

09 – Rock And Roll Girl

Erik Martensson – Lead vocals, guitars & keyboards

Johannes Kagelind – Bass & vocals

Peter Mansson – Drums, percussion & vocals

Release Date: TBA

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