THE ELECTRIC LADY – Black Moon (2012)

THE ELECTRIC LADY - Black Moon (2012)


THE ELECTRIC LADY was formed around 2007 in Salo, Finland, by female singer Minna Ora and husband guitarist Kari Ora.

The pair had actually been performing together acoustically since 1998 but they wanted to give their songs more power and decided to form a full rocking band.

Since 2011 they have been writing and recording their debut and the end result is the juicy “Black Moon”.

Singer and songwriter Minna Ora creates songs which could easily sit comfortably in any of the last four decades, although the sound & style is firmly planted in the ’80s and early ’90s female fronted hard rock.

This is classic material as heard from the start with the elegant intro “Un Ange Dans La Tour” which flows into the first main track which is the highly commercial “A Man Of That Kind”. A bouncing bass line and husky vocals gives way to a jumping rockin’ progression and a punchy chorus.

Another stand out track is the melodic hard rocker “Secret Love” with some cool effects filled guitar and a solid pace from the rhythm section before erupting into a driven catchy chorus.

“Who Cares” is an even more melodious with a pounding bass and drums before a most infectious chorus appears, whilst “Your Heart Is 100 Times Bigger Than Mine” demonstrate a softer ballad approach.

“You Can’t” and “Waterproof” are two more with classic rock riffs that are given modern tweaks. The former has an energetic melody that is backed up by layered keys and some powerful vocals. “Waterproof” is fuelled by a winding riff which converts to a chug in the verse with the chorus mixing both parts.

“Through Ice And Snow” and “Black Moon” are two that rank as more complex and atmospheric with both having a moody, intense feel about them and solos that are more intricate.

The album ends with the ‘real’ ballad, the keyboard orchestrated “That’s The Way”, structurally Bon Jovi-esque but arranged in a classic way plenty of strings and piano providing the back drop for Ms. Ora’s sultry vocals.

The Electric Lady is a surprisingly tight unit and their debut “Black Moon” is a fun, energetic and organic ’80s American-styled female fronted Melodic Hard Rock album.

This is an ideal drive time CD well suited to being blasted out on a summer’s day motoring down an open winding road.

Minna Ora owns an expressive voice with a great range and style for this type of music, and she knows how to write catchy melodies for sure. Kari offers up plenty of classic riffs & progressions and effortlessly blends some modern licks with retro melodies galore. The other band members contribute fully with the drums and bass providing a solid engine for this rock vehicle whilst the ever present keys add even more ’80s feel.

Production is solid, clear and polished.

“Black Moon” as a whole is held together by very good songwriting and splendid musicianship, making this an absolute belter of a record.

Highly Recommended

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01 – Prelude ‘Un Ange Dans La Tour’

02 – A Man Of That Kind

03 – Secret Love

04 – Your Heart Is 100 Times Bigger Than Mine

05 – Let It Rain

06 – You Can’t

07 – Through Ice And Snow

08 – Who Cares

09 – Waterproof

10 – Black Moon

11 – That’s The Way

Minna Ora – Vocals

Kari Ora – Guitars

Jussi Sinervo – Bass

Samuli Jokinen – Keyboards

Pepe Lindholm – Drums


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