PEEPSHOW – Brand New Breed (2012)

PEEPSHOW - Brand New Breed (2012)


Scottish rockers PEEPSHOW debuted in 2009 with a self-released CD that quickly sold out largely through word of mouth, and drew instant praise from UK press.

It has been three plus years since that, and now we have their new album “Brand New Breed” out.

I only heard a couple of tracks from Peepshow’s debut, and as I read about it, their sound was pretty raw, some kind of Crashdiet meets Wednesday 13.

Well, that seems to be gone now as this new effort, altough showing some sleaze tips, it’s a completely different beast.

“Brand New Breed” is fused with blasts of synths, modern lightspeed dual guitars and textured, flexing rhythms, all wrapped by a modern and sometimes bombastic production.

The hooks on first single “Let Go” are tailor made for the bigger venues, while the intensity of “Feed On Me” and the sky high emotions and god-sized riffs of “All Or Nothing” will drive their way straight into the guts and heart respectively.

“Live Free Or Die” is a great track that chugs along with the keyboards acting as icing on the cake reminded me of Babylon Bombs but with bigger production.

“Trouble” harkens back to Peepshow’s roots as explode through the speakers with hot riffage and attitude, but sonically is really polished, as the whole album.

The title track and “Waking The Dead” are crunchy scorchers that speed into Shotgun Messiah’s Second Coming era with singer Johnny Gunn growling and screaming for all he is worth, resulting in one the album finest moments.

Many bands may shy away from keyboards but Peepshow add depth with the keys and that brings a fuller, more complete sound to the songs. Check out the slower yet dark “Only A Dream”, with some Alice Cooper phrasing and a killer guitar solo.

They are not afraid to ballads as well, being “Irreversible” a modern oriented one, that type of songs that could give them their best shot at stardom.

Peepshow comes right back with “Suffer”, which is a hard rocking tune that will once again make you stand tall. Drummer Hammy shows his chops on this one and makes himself noticed.

Ending the disc is “Follow Your Instincts”, an tribal, anthemic modern track adorned with synth strings destined to arenas.

Not content to become another face in the crowded sleaze scene, these Scottish rockers expanded their horizons and took a hell of a chance with their new album.

This not a sleazy album at all, at least not sonically.

Aptly titled “Brand New Breed”, Peepshow’s style and sound has turned big, strong and focused to stadium-rock. Sometimes is dark, moody, unpredictable and not afraid to push boundaries. Certainly the band is not playing it safe here.

An intense album, rocking, with a dedicated production job not usual these days.

Don’t be timorous to Peepshow and open your years, it’s entirely feasible that “Brand New Breed” will blow you away.

01 – Wake Up Call

02 – Let Go

03 – Live Free Or Die

04 – Trouble

05 – Only A Dream

06 – All Or Nothing

07 – Feed On Me

08 – Irreversible

09 – Suffer

10 – Romance Is Dead

11 – Star Eyes

12 – Brand New Breed

13 – Waking The Dead

14 – Follow Your Instincts

Johnny Gunn – vocals

Rusty Gill – guitars

Dagan Wilkin – guitars

Hexy Glaze – bass, keys

Hammy – drums


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    thank you !!!!! the best album of jimi !

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