PLATINUM BLONDE – Now & Never (2012)

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In the mid 1980s, rock&pop quartet from Toronto PLATINUM BLONDE issued three albums and had a huge success in the charts.

Their discs gone platinum seven times and garnered multiple Juno Award nominations for the band, along with an induction into the Music and Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame.

They got quieter since then, and now they are back with 10 new songs on the first album of original material in 12 years, “Now & Never”

With bassist Kenny MacLean’s death in 2008 and drummer Chris Steffler’s tinnitus preventing him from returning to the band, Holmes and guitarist Sergio Galli are the only two original members in this 2012 venture.

“Valentine” starts the CD with their signature electro-rock style , a catchy synthesizer-driven anthem with modern guitars and emphatic beats.

The more atmospheric “Beautiful” continues with the pulsating rhythms, with some brit influences specially in the chorus and the way the guitars are arranged.

The next two tracks “Satellite” and “From Here” slows down the tempo, with first in a melodic mode, and the second as an orchestrated ballad.

“Future Dance” surprises with an invigorating – albeit formulaic – electronic background pumped by a booming bass and a chorus that encourages listeners to simply dance.

After the pretty insipid “Garden”, “Independence Day” mixes up the sound once again, taking a break from the synthesizers and introducing a string orchestra that accompanies Mark Holmes as he spills some emotion through the verses.

Platinum Blonde is back, but don’t call it a reunion. In reality, it’s more like the band has simply taken a finger off the pause button with the release of its new album “Now & Never”.

While there’s a couple of fillers, most of the tracks stand up against the best of Platinum Blonde’s ’80s output.

The group tries to sound more mature, less synthesized than in the past. There has never really been any question as to whether or not leader Mark Holmes knew his way around a rock&pop song but the proof of this has never been more evident than on these 10 tracks.

As much as some of the songs throw off an ’80s vibe, there are also very modern undercurrents running through the songs, firmly planted in Platinum Blonde’s trademak rock&pop.

01 – Valentine

02 – Beautiful

03 – Satellite

04 – From Here

05 – We Are Calling

06 – Future Dance

07 – Garden

08 – Independence Day

09 – Shined

10 – Sing To Me

Mark Holmes (vocals, keyboards and guitar)

Sergio Galli (guitar)

Robert Laidlaw (bass)

Daniel Todd (drums)


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  1. Qlazarus says:

    "Beautiful" is a great song. I recently did a big reformatting of the discography section of Platinum Blonde's Wikipedia page. Here's how it looked before:

    Here's how it looks now:

    Any chance you have or can upload good quality copies of their other albums, especially their first album ? Fingers crossed. Thanks ~

  2. 0dayroxx says:

    Coming up soon. Stay tuned.

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