SHINEDOWN – Amaryllis [Japanese Edition] (2012)

SHINEDOWN - Amaryllis [Japanese Edition] (2012)


It’s been almost ten years since Shinedown first appeared, ten years and eight million albums sold.

Marketed in the same slot as Nickelback and Alter Bridge, personally I think they’re much more than the aforementioned bands, and much more than just ‘modern rock’.

Their previous album was pretty good, but I think their new “Amaryllis” is superior in all aspects.

Shinedown has mastered the ability to take on heavy subject matter, yet still make the songs ridiculously contagious and enjoyable.

This album in particular is much more upbeat and ‘happy’ than the previous three CD’s, less dark or alternative, just more straight-ahead rock with elements of rock’s poppier side, the heavier side, and even a bit of an orchestral sound on some tracks.

The album starts off with the hard-rocking “Adrenaline” that sets the tone for what is to come and it only gets better.

You could like Shinedown or not, but you can’t deny this band has embraced the arena-rock format, and to my ears, although modern, these songs are really good, as it is next track and single “Bully”, the heavy “Enemies and the pumpin’ “Nowhere Kids”.

All have an anthemic, sing-along quality ideal for big houses and more than a decent consistency.

“Miracles” is another goodie and one of the more melodic in the whole CD, with a contagious chorus wrapped by a monster production.

Sure, there’s some ballads where the band is not so effective to me, but in example, title track “Amaryllis” works well adding some orchestrations to the mix.

Modern but not ‘plastic’ at all, “Amaryllis” is easily digestible and very listenable from start to finish, ranging from fiery and energy-filled fist pumpers to big bold radio oriented power ballads.

Shinedown has been critisized by ‘formal’ traditional rockers for being a band writing prefabricated radio-rock tunes, but they’re good enough to rock you with good melodies and effective kicks.

Rocks good.

01 – Adrenaline

02 – Bully

03 – Amaryllis

04 – Unity

05 – Enemies

06 – I’m Not Allright

07 – Nowhere Kids

08 – Miracle

09 – I’ll Follow You

10 – For My Sake

11 – My Name (Wearing Me Out)

12 – Through The Ghost

13 – Diamond Eyes [bonus track]

14 – Devour (Live from Washington State) [bonus track]

15 – Diamond Eyes (Live from W. State) [bonus track]

Brent Smith – lead vocals

Zach Myers – guitars, backing vocals

Eric Bass – bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Barry Kerch – drums, percussion


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