BLACK TORA – Raise Your Fists (2012)

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BLACK TORA is a Texas-based new rockin’ band founded by brothers Chris Daniel (vocals & bass) and guitarist RazorDave.

With drummer Nicky X completing the trio, they have just released the melting EP “Raise Your Fists”

Everything is bigger in Texas, so it makes sense that Black Tora’s EP feels bigger than just a set of five songs from a three piece band.

The group has been regarded as the new American ’80s-styled Hard Rock promise in several magazines and radio/TV shows… would this EP live up to the hype? Simply put, yes — it certainly does.

The first track, “Never Enough” is a pretty incredible experience with jet fueled guitars, big throaty vocals and a chorus fit for an arena. The band moves from classic Hard Rock guitar riffs to Hair Metal infused choruses and back with ease. The sound is big, thunderous and sharp.

“She Drives Me Crazy” builds off the first track and is much more melodic and ridiculously catchy. The wonderful sounds of eighties Y&T outcrops in this awesome tune.

Track three, “Shadows Of The Night”, throws us the kitchen sink of slithering guitars and hard hitting drums before slowing it down to tell a tale of fright. A groovy and heavy track plenty of power.

If you are looking for the next ‘Youth Gone Wild’ (the Skid Row classic) you may want to check out the title track. “Raise Your Fists” is an up-tempo rocker where everything clicks, turning this tune into a fist pumper (pun intended) that begs you to ‘take control and raise your fists for rock and roll!’. Awesome.

For the closer “Wild Child”, it’s easy to picture this song being played live on a big stage with pyrotechnics, 45,000 fans cheering and cages of strippers.

I am in love with “Raise Your Fists”. No wait, I do have one criticism; it’s a shame that there was not a full album, as leaves you wanting for more.

Black Tora is an incredible band full of energy, spectacular musicianship and terrific songs. Production is fantastic, handled by Provo Provenzano (Skinlab) and mastered by guitarist James Murphy (Obituary).

I am confidently telling you this is a predecessor to something bigger, something to look forward to. Many rock bands influenced by the eighties sound struggle to make it new — however, Black Tora have figured out the formula to inject and make this happen.

If Black Tora maintain this songwriting quality and production sound (believe me, it’s outstanding) for their full-length debut, we will be in front of a monster album.


01 – Never Enough

02 – She Drives Me Crazy

03 – Shadows Of The Night

04 – Raise Your Fists

05 – Wild Child

Chris Daniel – vocals and bass

RazorDave – guitars, backing vocals

Nicky X – drums


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