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“Unbreakable” is the debut album from ESCAPE, a new UK AOR band which features the songwriting partnership of Stevie K on vocals from Northern Ireland and guitarist Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley, Legion).

They have just been announced as part of the line-up for HRH AOR Festival which is happening next April and it seems the band are already hard at work on album two set for release at the Festival.

I was really struck with this album and I took to its quintessential British AOR flavour straight away. Anyone familiar with Vince’s previous AOR work with Pulse will know the style of music to expect here, infectious guitar riffs and memorable keyboard licks.

I always love the way Vince blends the keyboards and guitars in his AOR songwriting, one never overshadowing the other but bringing the best out of every song. Although the emphasis is on melody and hooks, here Vince is never afraid to unleash a few stunning guitar solos.

Stevie K is not a typical AOR singer, his powerful voice having more grit and bite to it veering him into the Danny Vaughn / Jeff Scott Soto school of melodic rock singing. His performance is impressive over these eleven tracks.

“Still Alive” is a bombastic opening cut with pompous keyboards, driving guitars and pounding drums. A song which is sure to go down a storm live! Keep an ear out for a killer guitar solo from Vince on this track.

The commercial and obvious single “Unbreakable” has an infectious keyboard riff and the compelling melodic guitar riff underpin this catchy as hell and invigorating song. This is a great song to fire you up! Trust me the chorus will stick in your head and compel you to sing along.

“Best Of Me” is a mid-tempo ballad on which Stevie delivers some cool vocal melodies throughout. Vince lays down a hook laden guitar lick on this one.

“Living On The Wrong Side” really puts me in mind of Pulse, a driving AOR rocker.

I love the Journey-esque guitar licks on “Read Between The Lines” and it has some killer hooks in the chorus. “New Horizon” is a gripping ballad with some wonderful piano parts.

“Night To Remember” is another one that really fires you up, full of power and unforgettable melodies. It’s a pulsating AOR rocker that rips up your stereo speakers. The best thing to do when you get to this track is just press ‘repeat’ and save yourself a job as one listen just isn’t enough! I love the killer keys and the gripping guitar riffs which combine to devastating effect and add to that Stevie’s powerful vocals it makes for a fist clenching sing along killer track!

“Moment in Time” is a mid-tempo rocker with a lighter waving chorus. Bombastic rocker “Bring You Down” has a juicy guitar riff with a pompous chest beating chorus. “Rescue Me” is a swaggering rocker with big guitars and some extremely effective keyboards especially on the chorus.

There’s a touch of Whitesnake on last cut “Heartbreak City”, a driving rocker with some great guitar hooks.

“Unbreakable” is a straight ahead AOR / Melodic Rock CD with a bombastic edge.

It’s a great collection of some truly unforgettable tunes proving that British musicians can do this style of music just as good as the Yanks and the Scandinavians!

I hope to hear more from these guys as this strong debut promises good things to come from a new addition to the ever growing ranks of UK AOR.

Highly Recommended. (thanks to Woody for the review).

01. Still Alive

02. Unbreakable

03. Best Of Me

04. Living On The Wrong Side

05. Read Between The Lines

06. New Horizon

07. Night To Remember

08. Moment In Time

09. Bring You Down

10. Rescue Me

11. Heartbreak City (European bonus track)

Stevie K – vocals

Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley, Legion) – guitars

Roland Moog – keyboards

Andy Mills (Pulse, Alibi) – bass

Andy Pierce – drums

ESCAPE - Unbreakable (2012) back cover


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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you
    from BRASIL

  2. abilio says:

    thanks!!very good album..

  3. 0dayrockz says:

    Please note this is an external review.
    Agree with you about production, the songs are quite good though. In times when AOR based bands are so scarce, I think they worth a listen.

    We don't like everything, in fact 70% of the material released in the covered genres here, are discarded.
    Our staff post the ones which believe are worth to investigate, some more some less. That's why you won't find (except few cases) negative reviews.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Highly recommended? Seriously?

    Highly recommended is a visit to the Otolaryngologist. The production is the worst ever and the best songs aren't hardly mediocore. I'm glad you like almost every new album, but I don't.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very good!

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