O’REGAN – Tunnel Vision (CD version)

O'REGAN - Tunnel Vision (CD version) full

Talented British guitarist Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley, Legion, Paul Sabu, Kooga), one of the hardest working musicians from the melodic hard rock UK scene, has a very interesting solo career as well via his own band O’REGAN. This “Tunnel Vision“, his second album, is in my opinion the best so far, requested again by one of you in its CD version (not sonic saturated as the digital release).

Again featuring a raft of highly respected Melodic Hard Rock singers, you can hear throughout the record lead vocals by Paul Sabu (Sabu, Only Child), Danny Veras (Veras), Simon Abbotts (Pulse), Stevie K (Escape UK) and O’reagan former partner in crime in Legion, Phil Vincent.
Also there’s talented Eric Ragno providing a lot of keyboards, and when I say ‘a lot’ I mean it, because the material in “Tunnel Vision” is much more AOR oriented than O’Regan’s first solo album.
Only the dark hard rocker “We Will Survive” rocks with an edgy sound, the rest of the tracks are really melodic.

Just listen the keyboard-driven AOR of “Fallen Angel”, the really British sounding “Caught In The Act”, or the soaring “Calm Before The Storm”.
But if I have to pick a pure AOR cut here – and my favorite – “Nothing I Can Do About It” is the choice. With a feel recalling Alias, synths stabs, sharp rhythm guitars and an overall ’80s vibe, this track is a winner.

There’s more to enjoy in the Melodic Rock territory, such as “Price of Loving You”, the Swedish influenced “If You Could See Me Now” (love that refrain), and midtempo closer “Escape”.

O'REGAN - Tunnel Vision (CD version) back

For my surprise, O’Regan’s “Tunnel Vision” resulted almost a pure AOR album. And a damn fine one.
The songs are strong, the vocalists have been cleverly chosen for each track and production is quite glossy. If you missed Vince O’Regan previous album or didn’t liked its hard approach, you better check “Tunnel Vision” if rockin’ AOR is your thing.


01. Fallen Angel
02. Lets Give Cheer
03. Price Of Loving You
04. Caught In The Act
05. Never Look Back
06. If You Could See Me Now
07. Nothing I Can Do About It
08. Calm Before The Storm
09. We Will Survive
10. Escape

Vince O’Regan (Legion) – guitars
Paul Sabu (Sabu, Only Child) – vocals
Danny Veras (Veras) – vocals
Phil Vincent (Legion) – vocals
Simon Abbotts (Pulse) – vocals
Stevie K (Escape UK) – vocals
Eric Ragno – keyboards
Gav Cooper (Legion) – bass
Andy Pierce (Escape UK) – drums



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