PLEASURE MAKER – Dancin’ With Danger (2018)

PLEASURE MAKER - Dancin' With Danger (2018) full

After many years, melodic hard rockers PLEASURE MAKER are releasing album, their third, titled “Dancin’ With Danger“. Alex Meister, guitar player and producer, came up with Pleasure Maker project in 2001. He was inspired by great bands such as Def Leppard, Dokken, Van Halen, Ratt and all the European melodic rock scene from the ’80s.

The band released Love On The Rocks, its first album, in 2004, released in Japan in 2006 by Spiritual Beast records. Their music had huge positive feedback and great critic reviews on magazines and websites worldwide. In 2008, Twisted Desire, their second album, was released simultaneously in Europe and North America via Perris Records.
After a seven-year break, the band reunited in 2017 to record this third album, “Dancing With Danger”.

PLEASURE MAKER previous albums are really solid pieces of classic melodic hard rock, but “Dancing With Danger” surpasses both in all aspects. It’s a mature recording with attention to detail, plenty of contagious tunes with that colorful and vibrant feel-good vibe, just like an ’80s styled band of this ilk should. And better yet, they do not sound old fashioned at all.
There’s a tight rhythm section and strong melodious lead vocals, but the star on the record is Meister’s stupendous guitar work and the really well arranged multi-layered choruses.

The opening pair, title track ‘Dancin’ With Danger’ and ‘Chains Of Love’, are hooky numbers crafted with that unmistakable glam metal ADN born in L.A. in the second half of the ’80s.
Third track ‘It Ain´t ´Bout Love’ is even better, a classy midtempo with an awesome melody and clean choruses as heard later in ‘Flesh And Blood’. Speaking about choruses, the effects used in ‘She´s Gone Too Far’ provide a unique feel.

If you need some good ‘ole hair metal, ‘Out There’ bring back the glory Hollywood years, and on the harder side, the racing ‘Rock the Night Away’ keeps your adrenaline pumping, and shades of Ratt appear in ‘On the Other Side Of Midnight’ with a flashy (yet extremely effective) guitar work, never overdone.

Pleasure Maker formula has been proven thirty years ago, but few dare to put it in practice 2018 with this ‘purest rendition’ sound / style.
Indeed, “Dancin’ With Danger” seems recorded 1988 – and by a skilled producer – mixing the guitar attack of Van Halen / Ratt with sticky choruses ala Danger Danger and lots of hooks.
Welcome back Pleasure Maker, please don’t make us wait for so long for the next one.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Dancin’ with Danger
02 – Chains of Love
03 – It Ain’t ’bout Love
04 – On the Other Side of Midnight
05 – Rock the Night Away
06 – Flesh and Blood
07 – Lonely Is the Night
08 – Out There
09 – Never Look Back
10 – Matter of Feelings
11 – Runnin’ out of Time
12 – She’s Gone Too Far (Bonus Track)

Alex Meister – Guitar, vocals
Claudio Marçal – Lead Vocals
Mark Santanna – Bass
Adriano Morais – Drums, Vocals


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