STATION – Wired EP (2013)

STATION - Wired EP (2013) full

Classic, eighties-styled American Melodic Hard Rock is far to be sunk into oblivion. There’s an increasing number of young bands taking this glorious genre as influence and making it own.
One of them are New Yorkers STATION, who are releasing their incredible EP debut “Wired”.

The guys in Station have been touring around the US East area for many years, playing from small venues to big stages supporting the likes of Vince Neil, Bret Michaels (Poison), Pat Benatar and .38 Special to name a few.
Just three months ago, Station went to Nashville to record this, their debut EP “Wired”, produced & engineered by legend Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Mötley Crüe, Extreme, Dokken, Warrant).

“Wired” is an awesome slice of pure American late eighties Melodic Hard Rock plenty of killer choruses and rockin’ melodic riffs.
Single and EP opener “Everything” is a must: sharp melodic layers of guitars, round fat bass, kickin’ drums (with a ‘that’ superb drum sound) and an infectious chorus.

Singer Patrick Kearney has the right vocal register for this type of genre, recalling Kevin Chalfant at moments, sometimes Warrant’s Jani Lane. His performance is incredibly matured and professional throughout the entire recording.
“True Believer” is another winner. Do you miss Night Ranger circa 1985? This song has all the elements of this classic band around those years. The six-string work is melodic and BIG, and the chorus just monstrous. Terrific track.

The softer side of the band arrives with “I’d Understand”, a pristine, acoustic wonderful ballad where Kearney recalls the late Jani Lane best moments, and the simple, yet elegant playing of Chris Lane reminds me Vito Bratta (White Lion).
“Don’t Take Heaven Away From Me” is the more Melodic Rock AOR oriented tune here, with a moving melodious line and a killer guitar solo.
I am hungry. Hungry for more Station.

This is truly an awesome four-piece bunch of talented guys that seems to be playing together for decades. More specifically since the ’80s.
I can’t tell you how much exceptional are these four tracks… this is pure Melodic Hard Rock Heaven. Production is just ec-stat-ic, the best job from Michael Wagener since his work with Ozzy on No More Tears. Yes, it’s that good.
Seriously, this band got to be signed by a major label NOW.
More than Highly Recommended, I’d say, Mandatory Listen.


01 – Everything

02 – True Believer

03 – I’d Understand

04 – Don’t Take Heaven Away From Me

Patrick Kearney – Lead and Backing Vocals
Chris Lane – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mike Anderson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Brian Karl – Drums
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Michael Wagener


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