USED RECORDS – Fly Like The Wind (2013)

USED RECORDS - Fly Like The Wind EP (2013) mp3 download


Robert Allen is a well known songwriter / musician in the American music biz since the last thirty years contributing songs for many artists, publishing agencies and film studios / soundtracks.

Allen fronted as well a project called USED RECORDS during the ’80s, whose recordings were finally released by legendary German label Long Island Records in 1994.

Robert Allen is still active and recently agreed to license some Used Records songs to be featured in the CW TV show ‘The Carrie Diaries’.

These tracks were remastered by Allen and in sync with the feature in the show, the  specialized in film & TV soundtracks Chicago based label Music Of The Sea is releasing the material as “Fly Like The Wind” EP.

These are typical ’80s movie-like poppy AOR songs with melodic guitars, tons keyboards, super-compressed drums and commercial choruses.

Quite cheesy if you ask me, but, who does not like that naif, easy to the ears, radio-friendly tunes?

1. Fly Like The Wind

2. Three Way Heartbreak

3. Without A Trace

Walker Reeves: vocals, guitar

Robert Allen: guitar, piano, percussion

Joe Norosavage: keyboards, programming

Garry Tallent: bass

Max Weinberg: drums


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