LION TWIN – Nashville (2013)

LION TWIN - Nashville (2013) full


LION TWIN is a new German band founded in the early summer of 2011 by Liane Vollmer-Sturm (vocals) and Jan Koemmet (guitar), being “Nashville” their debut CD to be released by Fastball / Soul Food Records in a few days.
Don’t be fooled by the album’s title as has nothing in common with the music emerging from that city, Lion Twin plays Euro Melodic Hard Rock with more than interesting twists in its conception.

The name “Nashville” it’s a homage by Jan and Liane to the city which is also known as ‘Music City USA’ and, like no other city, has had such a decisive influence on contemporary music. The title was also chosen because the album was mixed & mastered in the US by the legendary Michael Wagener who lives and works in Nashville.
As said, Lion Twin’s musical style is build around the ’80s patterns of Euro Melodic Hard Rock but weaves in today’s musical taste in the genre. You can hear that Wagener really has helped the shape the sound of the record as everything results polished, crisp and clear.
Liane’s elaborated and multi-layered vocals – deep, expressive and very broad – are the hallmark of Lion Twin. Each piece is different and contains surprises that never interrupt the flow of the song and yet make you curious to listen for more.
You have the typical riffs of the genre, strong melodies and a bouncy rhythm section, but these guys are trying something different here. And it’s really refreshing for Melodic Hard Rock fans.

Lion Twin delivers traditional melodious hard rockers such as “Ready To Rock”, the stomper “Eco Warrior” (great guitar work) or the razor “Day Of Anger” featuring Accept’s Udo Dirkschneider on a duet, but there’s also unconventional tracks for the genre, especially regarding the songwriting mould and arrangements.
Classical motifs – especially from Richard Wagner – as well as musical quotations from church music are woven into some songs blended with thick rockin’ riffs. Take as example “Behold The Man” which begins in great form with a Pipe organ line, but then develops into a marching rocker.
“Tristan & Isolde” also mix epic emotions and vintage keyboards with a hard rock vibe, the chorus is catchy and contagious, while “Notung” explores a broken rhythm escaping from the clichés of the genre.

On the more melodious side, “When The Lights Go On” is a superb moody midtempo adorned with vasty and unusual harmony vocals, “Far Away” has a strong new wave of Swedish MHR feel and “Wings Of Love” is a beautifully crafted ballad with acoustics, strings and distinctive lead vocals.

Lion Twin is a rare beast in the present overcrowded Melodic Hard Rock scene, an act to take seriously as true innovators of the genre. “Nashville” is refreshing, different, and not only on the songwriting department.
They own an ace of spades in the terrific Liane Vollmer-Sturm, a dexterous female singer able to perfectly set the mood for each song with a huge range, lots of power and empathy. Jan Koemmet is also a revelation, both his rhythm & lead guitar work is intense and effective, with a really modern sound set-up.
Add to this a top notch production and we have one of the best, original and creative debuts appeared recently in the genre.
Very Recommended.

01 – Ready To Rock
02 – Day Of Anger (feat. Udo Dirkschneider)
03 – When The Lights Go On
04 – Tristan & Isolde
05 – Eco Warrior
06 – Far Away
07 – Behold The Man
08 – Occupy!
09 – Notung
10 – Wings Of Love

Liane Vollmer-Sturm: Vocals
Jan Koemmet: Guitars, Keyboards
Armin Alic: Bass
Johannes Glashagen: Drums
Ralf Kappmeier: Keyboards
Udo Dirkschneider: guest Vocals on “Day Of Anger”
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Dorfmüller: Pipe Organ on “Behold The Man”
Marcus Bielenberg, Paul Dahlmann, Holger vom Scheidt: Backing Vocals


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