THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT – I Robot [Blu-Spec Japanese Legacy Edition 2013]

THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT - I Robot [Blu-Spec Japanese Legacy Edition 2013] full


THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT masterpiece “I Robot” becomes 35th Anniversary edition. This Japanese ‘Legacy Limited Edition’ exclusively features the high-fidelity ‘Blu-spec CD2’ format (compatible with standard CD players). The set features a remastered version of the album on disc one, and a bonus disc containing 14 additional tracks, nine of which are previously unreleased.
Alan Parsons has personally overseen this project with Sally Woolfson (daughter of the late Eric Woolfson, manager, composer, singer, and co-founder of the Alan Parsons Project).

“I Robot” is an album that marked my life, and one of the responsible to make me an audiophile since a child.
Technically, this is a masterpiece in contemporary music – all Alan Parsons’ works are – blending rock, pop, light prog and even AOR with an exquisite good taste.

When you put an APP album on your CD player, you expect excellence in sound. So what happens with the supposed discarded material appearing on the bonus disc?
Just more excellence. Forget the concept of ‘let’s put some raw demos as bonuses’. The extra disc here just adds terrific unheard music crafted, recorded & produced with the Alan Parsons’ habitual clarity.

“The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot” Japanese Limited Legacy Edition Blu-spec CD2″ is a must have, presented in a luxury six-folded pannel digipak including new and the complete original artwork.
The set comes with the latest, extensive liner notes by Alan Parsons commenting each track and the recording process (which is a pure joy), and a glossy 20-page booklet featuring rare photos, lyrics and details.

Disc 1

01 – I Robot
02 – I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You
03 – Some Other Time
04 – Breakdown
05 – Don’t Let It Show
06 – The Voice
07 – Nucleus
08 – Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)
09 – Total Eclipse
10 – Genesis Ch.1 V.32

Disc 2

01 – U.S Radio Commercial For I Robot
02 – Boules (I Robot Experiment)
03 – I Robot (Hilary Western Soprano Vocal Rehearsal)
04 – Extract 1 From The Alan Parsons Project Audio Guide
05 – Extract 2 From The Alan Parsons Project Audio Guide
06 – I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You (Backing Track Rough Mix)
07 – Some Other Time (Complete Vocal By Jaki Whitren)
08 – Breakdown (Early Demo Of Backing Riff)
09 – Extract 3 From The Alan Parsons Project Audio Guide
10 – Breakdown (The Choir)
11 – Don’t Let It Show (Eric Woolfson Demo)
12 – Day After Day (Early Stage Rough Mix)
13 – Genesis Ch 1 V 32 (Choir Session)
14 – The Naked Robot (Early Instrumental Mixes)

Alan Parsons: guitar, keyboards, projectron & vocoder, vocals
Eric Woolfson: vocals, projectron & vocoder, keyboards
Ian Bairnson: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, additional vocals
David Paton: bass, acoustic guitars, additional vocals
Stuart Tosh: drums and percussion, additional vocals
Duncan Mackay: keyboards
B.J. Cole: steel guitar
John Leach: percussion
Lenny Zakatek, Allan Clarke, Steve Harley, Jack Harris, Peter Straker, Jaki Whitren, Dave Townsend
The English Chorale and the New Philharmonia Chorus


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