HONEYMOON SUITE – Monsters Under The Bed [Rock Candy remaster] (2014)

HONEYMOON SUITE - Monsters Under The Bed [Rock Candy remaster] (2014)

Following the batch of the 3 first records by Melodic Rock wonders HONEYMOON SUITE, reissue label Rock Candy Records has digitally remastered from the original tapes “Monsters Under The Bed“, the 4th album by the Canadian band.
While the first pair of Honeymoon Suite album are which made them famous and the best selling, in my opinion “Monsters Under The Bed” is the band’s most complete opus.

Honeymoon Suite had an amazing run of good fortune during their ’80s heyday, notching up not just hit albums but also hit singles and touring the world with impressive results. Not only were they busy being commercially successful but artistically they were also improving with each record, refining and honing their craft to new heights.
“Monsters Under The Bed”, originally issued in 1991, was the band’s fourth and arguably their more elaborated album thus far.
Written over an extended period of time and containing some of their best songs and melodies, the record was stuffed to rafters with hooks and riffs of a magnitude that dwarfed previous efforts.

The record sound & style surprised not only the fans, but also colleagues. “Monsters Under The Bed” is a Melodic Hard Rock album, harder then before and with a ’90-’91 sound akin Giant, Damn Yankees or Night Ranger.
Derry Grehan’s guitar work is hot, plenty of shredding and sharp riffs, the lead vocals tougher and the keyboards more ‘heavy’.
Overseen by British-born production and engineering wizard Paul Northfield (Rush, Queensryche, Dream Theater) at Le Studio, Morin Heights in Quebec, the album is blessed with widescreen bright sonics and some melodic hair metal approach.

There’s sparkling rockin’ gems such as “Next To You”, the fun “If Ya Love Me”, the lovely single “The Road” and the utterly brilliant “Say You Don’t Know Me”, a contender for one of the greatest melodic hard rock anthems of the Nineties, and one of the best Honeymoon Suite tracks ever.
“Little Sister” is one of my favorites, with a pulsating rockin’ AOR vibe where Giant come to mind, as well with “Come (Let Me Take You There)” later. If you need your Melodic Rock filled with lots of keyboards then pick “Next To You”, another great tune.

HONEYMOON SUITE - Monsters Under The Bed [Rock Candy remaster] (2014) booklet

“Monsters Under The Bed” is a killer Melodic Hard Rock albums, one of these with a ‘big sounding’ rocking production and sound. I think this Rock Candy remaster has expanded even more the ‘bombast’. It’s indeed a fuller remastering where you can appreciate the difference with the original release.

01 – Say You Don’t Know Me
02 – Bring On the Light
03 – If Ya Love Me
04 – The Road
05 – Little Sister
06 – How Long
07 – Come (Let Me Take You There)
08 – Miracle
09 – It’s Only Love
10 – Next to You
11 – Stand Alone
12 – All I Wanted

Johnnie Dee – lead vocals
Dermot “Derry” Grehan – guitars, vocals
Ray Coburn – keyboards
Jorn Anderson – drums
Steve Webster – bass


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