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Few days ago we presented JONO‘s fresh 2015 album (their second), a delicious piece of music for sure, and contender for album of the year.
But before the Swedish band was formed, JoNo started as a solo project of singer Johan Norrby (hence the moniker ”JoNo”), some fifteen years ago. A record was made and released in 2006 only in Scandinavia, involving some of the members of today’s band setting.
Due the quality of this band, some of you asked for that ‘lost’, 2006 album. so here it is.

Simply entitled ”JoNo”, the album pretty much reflects what the band would be in the future.
All of the songs were written by Johan Norrby himself, and apart from lead & harmony vocals, he plays keyboards. Throughout the entire album you can hear that he most of all, likes to write songs that have a lot of pathos, passion and drama.
Yeah, Norrby / JoNo always has been inspired by acts such as Queen, Robby Valentine and Valensia – all acts that have the same kind of singer that just sounds like Johan when he sings in the higher regions.

JONO - JoNo (the first album) inside

The 10 songs on this early JoNo album display a fine combination of Pomp meets Progressive meets rock & pop, in the same fashion of the band today’s sound.
The only difference (and not a minor point) is production; this self-titled debut album was an indie release, and the budget obviously not so big. The drums are quite tiny at places, and the band’s present bombast is not so ‘big’.
Anyway, these are greatly composed / performed songs that will delight any fan of the band, and general listeners eager for well crafted Rock music.
Strongly Recommended.

01 – You Can’t Touch Me Now
02 – Feeling
03 – When You Smile
04 – Every Little Thing
05 – Just a Man
06 – The World Is Spinning
07 – All Around
08 – One Man
09 – The Meaning of Life
10 – Live

Johan Norrby – vocals, keyboards
Janne Henriksson – bass, guitar, vocals
Stefan Helleblad – guitar
Johan Carlgren – keyboards
Jocke – drums

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