NEO PROPHET – T.I.M.E. (2015)

NEO PROPHET - T.I.M.E. (2015) full


I still remember the really good self-released debut by NEO PROPHET, appeared six years ago. The band from Belgium has regrouped and are presenting “T.I.M.E.” , their brand new record 2015.
In general, Neo Prophet is labeled as progressive rock, but actually the band never said to be a prog rock band. They just write music with prog elements, but all here is more diverse, really melodic and easy to the ears.

Perhaps due their name you think about Neo-Prog: well, there’s something of it on “T.I.M.E.”. But Neo Prophet is much more sonically expansive.
If I were to give hints as to what you can expect, here it comes: think a bit of Saga, blended with some Asia, then add some IQ and Silhouette, you are almost there… the rest is pure Neo Prophet, with some excellent keyboard washes courtesy of Pete Mush and of course there’s the magnificent, omni-present guitars of Tom Tas.

NEO PROPHET - T.I.M.E. (2015) cd photo

Tom Tas has a hard rock / metal influence in his formation, and his 6-string riffs provide a very welcomed edge to Neo Prophet’s melodic compositions. What a guitar player… sometimes jaw-droppingly good.
And you have the vocals of Hans Six (also bass player), not your typical proggy guy. His singing is a bit raw moving into the direction of a hard rock voice, and works greatly on this context.

The blend of beautiful melodies and often very heavy rock/prog sequences makes up “T.I.M.E.” for an exciting listen. “T.I.M.E.” means here ‘This Is Mere Entertainment’, and Neo Prophet provides that in spades.
The music on the CD are very varied, melodic, sometimes catchy, sometimes edgy, and all performed with superb musicianship.
Thanks to the excellent production of keyboardist Pete Mush (helped by renowned Frank Van Bogaert) Neo Prophet managed to create a fantastic album. All sound transparent & clear.
But a good production is one thing, then you need strong songwriting. All tracks on “T.I.M.E.” are good without any weak spot, believe me.

NEO PROPHET - T.I.M.E. (2015) back

Everyone who likes neo prog, AOR, and melodic prog with a slightly metal edge will enjoy this album. Elements of all those genres are present in the music of Neo Prophet.
“T.I.M.E.” is that kind of albums where it does not matter which is your preferred Rock music sub-genre, you’ll like it.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Horizons
02 – Divide and Divine
03 – All Around the World
04 – The Pendulum Swing
05 – Generation Games
06 – The Hourglass
07 – Nemesis
08 – The Art of Aging
09 – In Social Skies
10 – Need to Write My Song
11 – The Genuine Me

Hans Six – lead & backing vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
Wesley Jaques – drums
Pete Mush – keyboards, backing vocals
Tom Tas (Quantum Fantay) – guitars, backing vocals
Bart Schram – vocals
Jeris Van Daele – solo on 6


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