ARMONIGHT – Who We Really Are (2015)

ARMONIGHT - Who We Really Are (2015) full


Who We Really Are” is the new album from ARMONIGHT, a female fronted Italian quintet formed during the Summer of 2007.
The title of the CD is a statement of principles from the guys, as their previous 3 records were distinguished by a melancholic sound with a sympho-pop orientation, but this new album shows the band in its inner nature; bluesy based hard rock with melodic foundation.

Indeed, in their origins, Armonight’s sound was built around female-sympho melodies trying to ride on the Nightwish / Within Temptation wave of success. But seems the band’s heart & roots always were planted in classic rock melodies.
“Who We Really Are” showcases Armonight’s as a rocking band, ’80s inspired by the likes of Aerosmith, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and the very early Heart. So expect some late ’70s feel as well.

ARMONIGHT - Who We Really Are (2015) inside

Since the first track you hear a very good production, airy, warm and with a ‘panned stereo’ where the double guitars come clear and sharp. The drums were recorded by a session musician (the band lost their sticksman some time ago), but are perfectly glued with the pure bass lines.
The female vocals of Sy are pretty sensual (she looks sexy as well) with a little raspiness, husky as times, and fit these rock tunes very well.

Tracks like “Waiting for Tonight”, “The Luck of Heroes”, “Don’t Waste Your Time” and the catchy “Gypsy Girl” are melodious pieces with an ’80s feel, while Armonight hardens their rock on “The Luck of Heroes”, “Keep out the Darkness”, “Stay Away from Me” and the title track, but never too much.
They go more bluesy (adding a stronger keyboard presence as well) on “Staggering Drunk” and the upbeat & fun “The Stray Dog Blues”, both sweet numbers.

Armonight is a cool female-fronted band with a very classic sound on their new CD “Who We Really Are”. That is classic rock with hard touches and lots of melody.
Their songs are well crafted and recorded, nothing groundbreaking but enjoyable. It’s just a feel-good collection of songs to hang-out with friends and a round of beers.
Nice stuff.

01 – Boring Day
02 – Staggering Drunk
03 – Waiting for Tonight
04 – The Luck of Heroes
05 – My Best Friend
06 – The Stray Dog Blues
07 – Keep out the Darkness
08 – Gypsy Girl
09 – So Stupid
10 – Stay Away from Me
11 – Don’t Waste Your Time
12 – Who We Really Are

Sy: Vocals
Fjord: Guitar
Lara: Guitar
Frens: Bass
Hokuto: Keyboards


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