VALERIE – Young Hunger (2015)

VALERIE - Young Hunger (2015) full

If you are a fellow reader of this blog, you must remember VALERIE from Norway, presented on these pages a couple years ago with their debut CD. If you are new to them, you better listen this new ambitious Melodic Hard Rock band pronto.
After an EP last year (also featured in the blog) Valerie returns with their sophomore full album “Young Hunger“.

The style of Valerie is pure classic Melodic Hard Rock with a sound and style influenced by ’80s acts like Icon, Dalton, Da Vinci or Dokken, aiming for big, sing-along choruses and guitar riffs, along with blistering guitar solos and soaring vocal harmonies. Valerie is 1987 in 2015… with an updated sound.

On these tracks this young band shows the maturity of a seasoned veteran group; from the killer guitar work by BT Valerie (not to mention his vocals) to the uplifting midsection of bassist Augustus Clark and drummer Erlend Omdal, complemented by the crunchy rhythm guitar of Magnus Christiansen.

VALERIE - Young Hunger (2015) cd photo

Starting with the AOR-driven heaven of “Night After Night”, the album shows how much the guys have matured both musically and as performers.
More rocking but still plenty of sing-along choruses and harmonies are the catchy “Bye Bye”, the layerd “Firm Believer”, the heavier “No Way Back”, and the anthemic, infectious title track “Young Hunger”.
“Love & Affection” is another highlight (reminds me Firehouse) mixed with Autograph, while “The Last Time” is the ballad, but not your typical one: it’s all based on harmony vocals and some synths / pianos in the background – love this one.

VALERIE - Young Hunger (2015) back

Following the success of their previous effort, Valerie once again teamed up with producer Bård Torstensen of Swedish-grammy award winning band Clawfinger and legendary producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Europe).
Beau Hill himself contacted the band after hearing “Night After Night” single on a local radio station in Texas, exclaiming that ‘there is some serious musical brainpower in this one’, and offered to do the mixing on this, their sophomore release.
“Young Hunger” is a no-brainer for any ’80s Melodic Hard Rock fan, mixing American / European sounds of the genre with success.
HIGHLY Recommended.


01 – Night After Night
02 – Love & Affection
03 – Bye, Bye
04 – Firm Believer
05 – All I Want (All I Need)
06 – No Way Back
07 – Young Hunger
08 – The Last Time
09 – Dance (Heart To Heart)
10 – Together As One
11 – Get Ready [bonus track]

BT Valerie – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Erlend Omdal – Drums, Backing Vocals
Augustus W. Clark – Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Magnus Christiansen – Guitars, Backing Vocals



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