SHOOTING STAR – Into The Night (2015)

SHOOTING STAR - Into The Night (2015) full album

Cult rockers SHOOTING STAR enjoyed a considerable success during the ’80s with a bunch of great albums. Starting with a pomp/AOR sound which developed in a hard rock vein at the ’90s, Shooting Star always delivered quality material.
Now with a new young singer in Todd Pettygrove, the band from Kansas are releasing a new album today, titled “Into The Night“.

Shooting Star was the first American band signed by Virgin Records, with their debut LP produced by Gus Dudgeon (Elton John, David Bowie).
Their ’85 album ‘Silent Scream’ still is one of my favorite pure Eighties AOR albums from the era, with one of the best cover artwork as well. In 2006 they returned with another solid record and the excellent Kevin Chalfant on lead vocals.
Shooting Star always has been active, with a touring schedule that would be the envy for many established acts.

Shooting Star 2015 is more classic rock oriented with a strong melodic rock foundation, and a young, energetic new singer.
You can’t go wrong with songs like the racing opener ‘Don’t Waste My Time’, the anthemic, AORish ‘Hole In My Heart’, the rocking ‘This Is Our Town’ and ‘Bring Down The House’, or the meaty mid-tempo ‘Time Never Surrenders’.

SHOOTING STAR - Into The Night (2015) inside

Shooting Star decided to allow “Into The Night” to be downloaded for free. They want to spread the word about the quality of this release, and indeed it’s a very good stuff.
The files are not at the best bitrate, but enjoyable nonetheless. The band will sell a cd/dvd package at the shows, but if you want the album now, this is the way.
Highly Recommended.


01 – Don’t Waste My Time
02 – Hole In My Heart
03 – Let Me Know
04 – This Is Our Town
05 – Eye Of The Needle
06 – Time Never Surrenders
07 – Never Giving Up On Your Love
08 – Bring Down The House
09 – She Gives Me Chills
10 – Into The Night

Van McLain – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Steve Thomas – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Todd Pettygrove – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dennis Laffoon – Keyboards, Bass, Vocals


Not for sale
Physical CD at shows only

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