SHOOTING STAR – Silent Scream [remastered +2] HQ

SHOOTING STAR - Silent Scream [remastered +2] HQ full

As requested, here’s the fifth album from Kansas City based SHOOTING STAR, 1985’s “Silent Scream” reissued / remastered including bonus tracks. One of the most respected acts from the American scene since the very early ’80s, Shooting Star enjoyed a considerable success during that decade delivering a bunch of great albums. Starting with a pomp sound with this album SHOOTING STAR embraced in full the 1984-1985 AOR sound we all love.
Still retaining the band’s trademark lite proggy touches, “Silent Scream” is pure mid-Eighties keyboard driven paradise, some kind of a mix between Journey, Styx and Alan Parsons Project. Excellent arrangements, top class vocals, intelligent lyrics, and foot-tapping catchy melodies are the order of the day here, and songs like ‘Summer Suns’, ‘Heat of the Night’ and ‘When You’re Young’ are to die for.
None ’80s AOR / Melodic Rock collection is complete without SHOOTING STAR’s “Silent Scream”. Even the cover art is Eighties perfection.
A MUST HAVE, period.


01 – Summer Sun
02 – Somewhere In Your Heart
03 – Heat Of The Night
04 – When You’re Young
05 – In Her Eyes
06 – I’ m Getting Out
07 – Don’t Walk Away
08 – Time
09 – Little By Little
10 – Don’t Stop Me Now
11 – Get Ready Boy (original CD release bonus)
12 – Take It
13 – Get Ready Boy (Remix)

Van McLain – lead vocals, guitars
Gary West – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
Steve Thomas – drums
Charles Waltz – violin, keyboards, vocals
Norm Dahlor – bass



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