LoReley – Here We Are Again (2015)

LoReley - Here We Are Again (2015) full


Born in France but established in Spain more than twenty years ago, LORELEY have decided to celebrate their anniversary with a new record, including songs composed during the last two decades.
“Here We Are Again” was recorded by themselves, and it’s a varied album with a typical European Melodic Hard Rock sound of the ’80s.

Since the opening title track and follower “Looking Away”, you get the key here: solid rockers with a strong guitar work, lots of synths in the background and catchy choruses, especially on the latter, one of the best cuts on the album.
Singer Franck Ronin has a raspy voice like a mix between Paul Shortino and Steve Newman, and suits the material in a cool manner.

“Boogie Tonight” and later the bluesy “Dirty Dream” go for a more classic rock sound with organ (Hammond emulator) fills, “No Limits” is a nice melodic hard rocker with some Scandi influences, while the catchy “Let’s Stop” confirms these guys know how to write a catchy tune.

LoReley - Here We Are Again (2015) inside

“Crazy” is perhaps my favorite of the lot as has an AOR feeling and a sweet melody, spark guitar riffs and synths all over.
The title of “Rock To Roll Out” say it all (great groove here), “TV Business” explores some broken riffs and pattern structures, and closer pays some kind of homage to Uriah Heep with classy keys and some epic verses.

Well produced and performed, “Here We Are Again” is a really pleasant record by LoReley.
The main focus here is Melodic Hard Rock of all times, but varied and spiced with AOR melodies, classic hard rockin’ riffs and ’80s style vocals.
I don’t know if these guys have plans to present the album soon (they toured Germany, France, Italy before) but I am sure if they do it, there will be a lot of fun onstage.
Very Recommended.

01 – Here We Are Again
02 – Looking Away
03 – Boogie Tonight
04 – No Limits
05 – Dirty Dream
06 – Let’s Stop
07 – Crazy
08 – Rock To Roll Out
09 – Mr. Money
10 – TV Business
11 – Time Is Up

Franck Ronin – vocals
Francisco Zahonero – guitars
Hector Mancheno – keyboards, synths
Gilbert Romero – bass
Roberto Tolsa – drums


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