ENGINEERED SOCIETY PROJECT is a new rocking band from Houston, TX, formed by veteran musicians from the local scene presenting their debut “Call To Arms“.
The guys are inspired by classic sounds from the hard rock genre with a strong ’80s feel, but a with an updated production.

Despite some controversial lyrics and political stance (which I don’t care too much) what it is remarkable here is the music.
Anyway, if you want to know something about the band name / album title, read some:
“During the last 50 years, deterioration in the moral fabric of our country has systematically shifted personal responsibility and accountability from the citizens, to the government.
Government-sponsored programs continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. These programs encourage a pattern of dependence on the government.
In order to fund the social experiment, politicians continue their reckless tax-and-spend practices. Nation building around the world will continue at the expense of the citizens. Each year the number of tax paying citizens decrease while the tax rates of the remaining working class increase.

As deficits and government dominance grow, there is an erosion of the middle class that was the backbone of our country. Government will use its influence with the dependent citizens to enact laws that will remove basic freedoms from our society.
In the end, the very freedoms our forefathers died for will be taken away by the ones that stand as our leaders.
At that time we all will realize that we are a part of the Engineered Society Project…”

ENGINEERED SOCIETY PROJECT - Call To Arms (2015) inside

Well, let’s concentrate in the music, which it’s the important thing here, and it’s pretty awesome.
Engineered Society Project rocks with potent hard rockers very well composed. The guitars are sharp, the rhythm section powerful & tight, and the vocals, really, really strong.
Guitarist Jay Gough delivers a killer set of riffs in a Chris Degarmo (Queensryche) / Zakk Wylde / George Lynch – Lynch Mob vein, and singer Drew Brown kick some serious ass with a wide range and dynamic performance. His vocal color reminds me Tony Martin (’80s Black Sabbath) and at places Ted Pilot (Fifth Angel).

Indeed, Fifth Angel is an appropriate comparison for Engineered Society Project’s music. But all on this record is much more clean, melodic and polished. Yeah, the production is great despite of being handled by themselves.
“Judgement Day” is a terrific ‘marching’ opener with a groovy atmosphere, “Never Back Down” brings back the best of ’80s feel (even with a 1987 Whitesnake smell), while “Edge Of A Scream” reminds you Y&T / Meniketti. All is perfectly arranged and mixed.
“Innocent Man” is slow (not a ballad) yet very melodious embellished with nice keyboards, the title track has some early Queensryche on it, then the racing “Fight” ends the album in a Fifth Angel fashion, easily the heaviest track here but no less effective.


Coming out of nowhere, Engineered Society Project has released a truly impressive debut with “Call To Arms”.
This is classic American hard rock with an ’80s US metal touch, however, always melodic and polished. As said, production is excellent for an indie all feeling vibrant and sounding crystal clear. Physical CD’s will be available soon at the band’s website.
Read above again, and if you like the mentioned bands as influence, you need to check Engineered Society Project immediately. You won’t be disappointed.
Strongly Recommended.

01 – Judgement Day
02 – Never Back Down
03 – Edge Of A Scream
04 – Innocent Man
05 – Call To Arms
06 – On Comes The Night
07 – Fight

Drew Brown – vocals
Jay Gough – guitars
Timothy Moss – bass
Tra Stark – drums, percussion


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