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Central America is not really associated with Metal, a very few number of bands are known and they are considered to be exotic (well, Bon Jovi’s drummer is from there). And to discover a real jam here is very surprising – the band WINGS OF DESTINY from Costa-Rica which was formed in 2013.
The sextet managed to record their first album “Time” of Melodic Metal with some Symphonic and Progressive Metal influences. The album, which was independently released by the band, had drawn good praise.
Now the Power Prog label presents a special edition of “Time”, with freshly recorded extra tracks along with new cover art.

The music can be described as having a very good mix between Symphony X, Allen-Lande and Helloween, ultra melodic metal songs with neoclassical elements, symphonic arrangements and a solid Progressive Metal impact.
Each composition contains several changes of melody and rhythms supported with technical shredding guitar / keyboard duels that are really interesting. Amazing catchy choruses are performed in the best traditions of Helloween or Freedom Call, with excellent layers of harmony.

Lead singer Anton Darusso has a powerful voice with a wide range and could easily be compared to Russell Allen (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob, Allen/Lande) and Nils Patrik Johansson (Wuthering Heights, Astral Doors).
The rest of the guys display a high level of skills and talent, as the guitar, bass, drums and keyboards parts sound very professional and almost flawless. I must say that I do not expect it from a band from Costa Rica but these fine musicians impressed me.
Additionally, production and layout of the music is tight having a powerful and clean sound; while the mix was so well balanced that you listen this CD with pleasure.

WINGS OF DESTINY - Time (2015) inside

The album opens with “Destiny”, a fast technical metal track with some symphonic elements, intensive guitar riffs and mixed with a very melodic happy chorus. Neoclassical guitar passages are nicely supported with a rather good keyboard solo.
The following track, “Fallen Angel”, is a different when compared to the previous. It is Progressive mid-tempo song played in a Symphony X tradition with several melodies including acoustic motives.
Title track, “Time” is a fast number again with a happy bright optimistic chorus. The highlight for me is the marvelous guitar solo that seems together with the keyboard become one. This could possibly be the best track on the album.

“I Saw an Angel Cry” is a slow and epic composition. It can be best described, as having a fair bit of variation as it includes a piano intro and ending, some untypical slightly distorted vocals, an organ solo and strong riffage.
“Forgive but Not Forget” appears to be a new song. It is a traditional Neoclassical Power track with catchy melodies and crispy vocal lines.

In the track “I Want Out”, Wings Of Destiny made something that appeared to be almost the impossible, and have recorded an this Helloween classic with a slightly changed rhythm and additional keyboard arrangements. The extended guitar and extra-keyboard solos are fantastic. These new elements are amazing and perfectly fit this great song.
“Nothing Last Forever” is a gracious ballad played with a piano and symphonic arrangement, then “Fallen Angel” feature Roberto Tiranti (ex-Labyrinth) whom guest on vocals. It is a nice addition due to Roberto’s high-toned voice, which nicely contrasts with Caruso’s rough singing.

“Time” is a surprisingly cool album, a very professional work from a new band from Costa-Rica.
Originally named ‘Destiny’ – the band changed their name for their international presentation due to the fact that a long-established and still active Swedish act is called Destiny – Wings Of Destiny have all the necessary elements to land into the scene with success.
This is a strongly recommended CD for all Melodic Power / Prog Metal fans and traditional Metal listeners eager for good melodies and harmonies.

01 – Destiny
02 – Fallen Angel
03 – Time
04 – I Saw an Angel Cry
05 – From Shadows to the Light
06 – Forgive but Not Forget
07 – Into Black Horizon
08 – I Want Out
09 – Nothing Last Forever
10 – Fallen Angel

Anton Darusso (Vocals)
Andres Angulo (Drums)
Alejandro Amador (Keyboards)
Allan “Kalay” Murillo (Guitar)
Cristian Jiménez (Guitar)
Jose Pablo Sequeira (Bass)


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