MAYA – The Prophecy Is Broken (2015)

MAYA - The Prophecy Is Broken (2015) full


Released today July 15, “The Prophecy Is Broken” is the debut album by Italian quintet MAYA.
The band claim influences from classic metal / progressive acts, but after listening the album – produced by renowned Alessandro Del Vecchio – I can say Maya has strong Hard Rock / Melodic Hard touches into their music as well.
So keep reading, as there’s a lot to enjoy here for all audiences.

Maya was formed in 2011 by guitarist Alex Mognoni and he soon picked up drummer Mirco Petocchi and bassist Alessandro Quadrelli, both Alex’s dear old friends. All the three musicians were previously involved in a project called Holy Gates (from 1998 to 2003) which has had some success with two released albums and a lot of gigs behind as well.
Keyboardist Daniele Chierichetti, member of Guardian Of Fate (Epica tribute band), soon joined the band. His varied style immediately gave the band a new vision to the material already composed adding layers of melodies and a modern touch to the rocking tunes.

Indeed, although musically Maya is progressive / metal based, all these songs have some kind of hard rock groove and a melodic hard rock feel, bringing to mind major acts that blend both genres with one main focus; melody.

This is clear as example on the elegant midtempo “Spirit”, on the catchy verses of title track “The Prophecy Is Broken”, the groovy “Faith”, or the highly orchestrated “The Chosen Ones”, the latter one of my favorites and for sure to any melodic hard rock fan.
Other cuts as “Treasure World” or “Strangers” are much more progressive and heavier, yet all, as said, driven by a certain groove.

MAYA - The Prophecy Is Broken (2015) inside

Maya is a really welcomed new act showing on their debut “The Prophecy Is Broken” a surprising maturity both in the songwriting and performances. Polished guitar solos, lots of great keyboard passages and strong vocals.
The vocalist on the album is Marco Sivo (Planethard, Time Machine, etc.) who worked as session musician. Now the official singer is Amerigo Vitiello, a learner of Alessandro Del Vecchio, producer of the record.

And I have to mention Del Vecchio’s skills: he is in grand part responsible for Maya’s success. The man has worked with many AOR / Melodic Hard acts recently, and he knows how to obtain a crisp melody from a band. Thanks to Alessandro Del Vecchio “The Prophecy Is Broken” sounds brilliant, punchy.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Kukulkan
02 – Spirit
03 – Treasure World
04 – The Prophecy Is Broken
05 – Fight
06 – Strangers
07 – The Chosen Ones
08 – The Day After
09 – Deja Vu

Marco Sivo: Vocals
Alex Mognoni: Guitars
Alessandro Quadrelli: Bass
Mirco Petocchi: Drums
Daniele Chierichetti: Synths, Keyboards
Alessandro Del Vecchio: add. Keyboards, Producer


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