LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Paintings (Japanese Edition) (2015)

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Paintings (Japanese Edition) (2015) full

As happens every end of the year, Swedish melodic rock institution LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM presents a new album, first released in Asia. “Paintings” is the title of the new effort, to be out across Europe via AOR Heaven records. on February 26, 2016.

Always fronted by singer Mikael Erlandsson, Last Autumn’s Dream 2015 / 2016 features a new line-up, with founder Andy Malecek deciding to leave the band (in good terms) because of personal reasons and was replaced by Peter “Pac” Söderström, a genius guitar player that earlier used to add rhythm guitars to Last Autumn’s Dream previous albums.
Producer Ulf Wahlberg in the meantime had joined the band as keyboard player.

But Last Autumn’s Dream distinctive sound remains intact in “Paintings”, a proper title as the new record is a colorful melodic rock album with varied melodies.
Despite the lost of Andy Malecek, the band has gained a fresh sonic delivery thanks to Soderstrom’s modern guitar contributions. His set up sound – and the way he builds the riffs – has more in common to former Europe axeman Kee Marcello, providing a ‘swirling’ vibe to the songs.

Tracks like prime melodic rockers “My Mistake To Make”, “Won’tcha Stay The Night” (a favorite), “Bring Out The Heroes”, “Too Late” or the pure Scandinavian “An Eye For An Eye” are true LAD numbers.
There’s mid-tempo staples in “Take It On The Run” (a very good R.E.O. Speedwagon’s cover Song) or “In Case Of Landing On Water”, but the overall sound in this new album is harder than the previous, a welcomed aspect in this new CD from the band.
Even the Japanese bonus “Even When I Hate You” has some kind of edge with an AORish feel.

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Paintings (Japanese Edition) (2015) back

So, as bottom line, we have another solid Last Autumn’s Dream album in “Paintings”, a collection of very good hooky melodic rock tunes, a fantastic singer and as usual, tight musicianship.
The new record combines traditional Last Autumn’s Dream AOR-stuff with a slightly more rockin’ note in sound, mostly thanks to the great guitar work of Peter Pac Soderstrom. A step in the right direction to ensure that you don’t listen to the same arrangements again and again.
Also, production is brighter, a bit more punchy and pristine, perhaps the best produced record in the band’s history.
Very, Highly Recommended.

Victor Entertainment ~ [MICP-11255]
【CD】Paintings / ラスト・オータムズ・ドリーム

1. My Mistake To Make
2. Bring Out The Heroes
3. Out Of Love
4. Too Late
5. Take It On The Run
6. Won’tcha Stay The Night
7. An Eye For An Eye
8. Bitter Blue
9. In Case Of Landing On Water
10. Rock Star Crazy
11. Even When I Hate You (Japan Bonus Track)

Lead Vocals – Mikael Erlandsson
Bass – Nalle Påhlsson
Drums – Jamie Borger
Keyboards – Ulf Wahlberg
Guitar – Peter Pac Soderstrom


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